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11/28/2021 c34 Reikuwu
I’m losing my shit over this chapter- I also think shinichi failed to notice if he were to be adopted, him and kaito would end up being brothers. lol.
Actually the double kaito chapter also reminded me of hikaru and kaoru, they radiate similar chaotic energies LOL
11/24/2021 c14 Reikuwu
I’m screaming yukiko memeinig yuusaku… “noooo, he says, it’s coool and useful.” That was hilarious w
11/1/2021 c22 YukineKaze
i kind of wanna read the fic where Kaito and the second KID suddenly get separate and become two people for a day. what will Shin do? well... but i think i will feel terribly sorry for him if that's happen lmao
11/1/2021 c21 YukineKaze
ofc lmao, you're basically serves yourself on silver plate to the cunning human, Shin-tan
5/15/2021 c14 ChaoticInscriber
If they were older when discovering it the kids would probably agree that all Real Libraries need at least one Secret Compartment/Door (and lament that it's too small and needs at least a dim light they could turn on), but it having been designed for an adult's use... Clearly someone forgot something important when childproofing the house, sometime between the initial babyhood-concerns and having kids big enough to actually clamber up and trigger the mechanism by accident...
4/26/2020 c34 27zeynel
Loved this last one !
4/25/2020 c8 12phantom130 5
Love reading these chapters. There's such a homely atmosphere like you are there watching this unfold in real life. I like your interpretation of Kaito in this world. He's going to be an incredible magician.
4/21/2020 c34 2ZYC10
I love it
4/10/2020 c1 12phantom130 5
Super cute! I love how you write Shinichi and Kaito! I wasn't shipping them before starting your work but now I am.
3/30/2020 c34 SB
So cute! I loved it.
3/30/2020 c34 1yuutojaden
please continue
3/30/2020 c34 3Farenheit July
thank you for the update :D
3/29/2020 c34 3superjunior101315
Why are you so dramatic, Kudou Shinichi?! hahahahha!

Also, thank you for updating!
3/29/2020 c34 2Kabnondra
12/23/2019 c22 Kabnondra
It's so fun to have the chance to read these snippets!
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