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2/16/2016 c5 shaky22
4 years and this is still hilarious wish it was finished lol
11/29/2013 c5 6puckleberry4ever
omfg puck as a girl funny and Rachel as a dude funny as hell to lol. Update
3/24/2013 c5 Guest
This is a really funny story! Please update it soon!
2/17/2013 c5 Summerbreeze
Hahaha! Love this story! It's hilarious! Please continue it, I can't wait for the next update!
8/10/2012 c5 Mata-Senpai
xD jajajaja omg this is sOOOOOOOOOOOO funny
i can't wait for the next chapter, it's to good
i love it :D
4/24/2012 c5 Ridderres
Love this! Please continue it!
2/19/2012 c5 3boozy von chugaton
Wow! This was incredibly confusing after such a lengthy time span lol. I had to go back and reread everything - not that I'm complaining. It's a very unique story and this chapter was just hysterical.
2/19/2012 c5 8aquarius127
I'm so glad that you're back! I love this story and am looking forward to the next chapter!
12/30/2011 c4 Mystiquetree
Are you going to update? Because I like this story and I want to know that Blaine will accept Kurt as a girl. Pretty please? Update?:)
12/21/2011 c1 aquarius127
PLease update this soon, this is such a cool story!
11/8/2011 c4 9Ultimate Mask
So amazing I think that was the best gender bender I've ever read! I love the Rach and Puck thing! Such a good pair!
9/28/2011 c4 2rocketninjaslap

Also, no way in hell was that chapter sub-par!
9/12/2011 c4 gleek2873
Please update!
9/4/2011 c4 puckleberry
Update !
9/4/2011 c4 gleek2873
Update! One of the funniest stories I've read! (:
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