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8/21/2016 c1 1Beloved Daughter
Haha! This is just as good! Loved this one too!
3/8/2014 c1 DMacX
More please. This is hilarious.

Ivan is giving a tour to the only people who manage to get into as much trouble as Miles does :)
2/16/2014 c1 10Mossy Stone
This is hilarious, and poor Ivan!
1/30/2014 c1 8notcroaker
Just finished this story and its predecessor and am giggling so hard my boss is throwing stuff at me. Wow. Can I please have some more?
1/13/2014 c1 21Waterfall
Poor Ivan. :D I hope you will write more of this as well, because I really enjoyed it!
10/17/2013 c1 10RevDorothyL
Poor Ivan! :)
8/16/2013 c1 iroshi
Okay, I loved the first one, but this one made me giggle so bad and I sighed when it was over. I can actually see Ivan in my mind's eye in this pose thinking, "Oh my God there's two...no three...no wait, Mark, so FOUR OF THEM?!"
7/20/2013 c1 180Susan M. M
"Miles has brought home puppies again." Sequel, please. It would be cruel to stop there.
5/10/2013 c1 dcarson
Hope you come back to this. The characters are in character and the interactions are amusing.
1/22/2012 c1 3Myst Shadow
But what's a solar system between friends?

10/17/2011 c1 staid waters
love, love, love. sheer genius. thanks for writing and sharing.
7/15/2011 c1 108Elizabeth Culmer
You wrote a continuation! Oh, wonderful!

I love Ivan's put-upon "only sane man" attitude toward Miles and his implausible adventures. Teyla mirroring that toward John and Rodney is beautiful. :-)

This put a gigantic smile on my face. Thank you for writing and sharing it.
6/19/2011 c1 Hebi
More, I beg you. The world needs more Vorkosigan crossovers, and this one fits so well.
5/6/2011 c1 joniskpelare
Miles and John would totally get each other.

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