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9/9/2016 c2 3COBRASTEVE
OK, it was a little rushed almost like a condensed version of the full story, but so sweet! They would make such a cute couple. Could Akira do that in a Go salon though? Eh, maybe. He's awful shy and introverted. Very entertaining story! Could have easily been three times that size. Nicely done!
10/29/2013 c1 AG
This makes my face turn red
6/6/2013 c1 nchai001
Lol It's good!
9/2/2011 c2 hiyonnn
Erm.'s kinda okay.
7/11/2011 c1 3AngryHero42
Cool! That story was great! Its my first Yaoi FanFic so I have to get use to it. I realy liked it! It was very good. thx for such great fanfic!

6/22/2011 c2 cathy
Please write more! I'm on the verge of dying from wanting to read more!
5/29/2011 c2 Casey Wolfe
Very cute story so far. I hope you're planning to add more!
5/13/2011 c2 8Drk Phoenyx
Cute and sweet. I'm interested in seeing where this fic goes.
5/10/2011 c2 13TsumetaiYuuki
Yay, May 5th fic. I've was meaning to write my own, but I sadly didn't have time.

Anyways, sweet, cute, and darling. Well done.

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