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for Scream 2, Take 2

6/11/2019 c25 S3rienjunkie
Love this story! It’s sad that it took me so long to find such an incredible story. Thank you so much. I hope you write more story’s like this one.
3/31/2018 c25 84MildlyInsane
I kind of want to write a sequel... A sequel would be infinitely better than this too, considering I am a better writer now. Re-reading this, I felt lots of ways - Overall, I'm still somewhat proud of this... It was relatively well-thought-out. But it is also kind of poorly written in some places - I over-explain things that don't really need explanation, my killer was *such* a background character... That's not necessarily against the rules, but it feels kinda cheap. The killer was a mystery even to me as I wrote it - but I kept track of everyone enough to give myself options that would still provide continuity... I guess I'd say this story is like 80% really great. I guess it's also cool because the Scream movies didn't have that much fanfiction written and I wrote this one that was super long and not completely horrible. I'm gonna think about how I might go about a Scream 3, Take 3... but I'm not totally sold on the idea yet. I killed off literally every character from the movies except the very-most important ones and ones introduced in later movies just to add to the body count. I don't know if I can bring myself to kill Randy, Sidney, or Cotton... and I'm a thousand percent certain I couldn't kill Gale or Dewey...

Anyway... I don't know. We'll see. If I do write it, it won't be for a month or two. Maybe I'll completely lose interest... but as you can see, my love for the Scream movies never dies. Just look at how many years passed in the middle of this one - and I still ended up rekindling my interest and finishing it!

I guess this is a review and not an author's note... I just had to say something after re-reading this. I'm fairly proud of myself for this story. It's not perfect. My writing wasn't great... But for a fanfiction story, it's pretty good... And, I mean... I re-wrote an entire movie. What's wrong with me?
3/8/2018 c6 22hansonkali
I just loved Randy going off about how things would be if it was a movie. Very Randy. Interesting to see that Cotton is also back and wondering if he makes it or will get offed and just if he gets blamed at all besides Sidney already being wary of him.
11/17/2017 c5 hansonkali
Oh man Gale I know she wants to blame the Sheriff but I do think he isn't the killer lol.
7/30/2017 c4 hansonkali
Oh man poor Bethany :( but man this killer really is serious business. Getting her that quick after the news thing.
6/28/2017 c3 hansonkali
I kind of hope Sidney eventually forgives Cotton in this even if he is still a creep lol. Loved the Sidney and Gale hug and Gale eavesdropping in the end.
6/14/2017 c2 hansonkali
Oh Poor Randy :( But so glad he went to Sidney because of course he would lol.
6/12/2017 c1 hansonkali
Oh this was a wonderful first chapter. Poor Martha though.
10/29/2016 c25 Guest
AWWWW love
8/21/2016 c25 54Veridissima
I'm so glad you didn't go with Cotton as the killer, and I'm so glad he survived. I suspected Samantha for awhile, but I really liked your final choice
Gale and Dewey were so sweet! I'm so glad they are safe and happy
And really LIKED the scene with Randy - that was such a Randy thing to say :D
And LOVED Dewey hugging Sidney and Gale!
8/21/2016 c22 Veridissima
Ohhh... it was Xavier - what a crazy plan?
But ohhh... what happened? I hope someone stopped him
8/21/2016 c21 Veridissima
These chapters were all so GOOD!
I was so scared for Gale, I'm so glad Dewey arrived on time! But ohhh... nooo... everyone is there now and I'm scared again
And poor Cotton... I really LIKE him!
8/21/2016 c12 Veridissima
I feel bad I didn't know before and you got very few reviews... This story is AMAZING, and I'm so glad you decided to continue writing!
LOVED this chapter! PERFECT!
8/21/2016 c11 Veridissima
Ohhh... now I'm scared for Dewey - since he's alone, while the other three are together
AMAZING chapters!
Gale and Dewey are so sweet! And really LOVED Sidney and Randy!
And Sidney and Dewey - I love their friendship!
8/21/2016 c9 Veridissima
OMG! You updated! A long time ago it seems and you finished the story!
I'm so happy and excited! I can't wait to read until the end, I LOVED this stoory when I first read the first eight chapters! Definitely one of my favorites Scream stories
This chapter was so PERFECT!
Gale andd Dewey are so sweet!
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