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for Hindsight Is Not Perfect

8/5 c7 Guest
Jesus Christ. This Darth Vader is just a 12 year old boy. Makes for a shit story.
8/5 c5 Guest
Why is Darth Vader acting like a 12 year old boy?

What's with time travel fics and making their characters acting like kids?
6/28 c13 1LifeForce66
I absolutely loved this! I haven’t read a good fic like this for a while. Props to you, I love your writing style!
6/26 c2 tsougrhs.59
i really wanted to read this so later can read your other fic
but you Mc is so annoying
he is not vader
. he is not anakin
he is just a fooking useless kid who dont even know how to talk
5/13 c1 MAx
ch 1 author comments a bunch of excuses to make himself feel better LoL
also, ch 1 time travel mc can and should change things from start, especially Anakin should not go back to the Jedi temple Padme is not there or his mother Author will not let Mc assassinate Sith Lord cause it's his only card for a villain so... it's all about what the author wants and his nonsensical excuses as he has no brain to make OC Villain,
their training he has already gone through so there's n.o reason to go there The only reason is what the author wants not what Anakin should/would do at all and for this author gives a bunch of excuses pure nonsense can't even admit it and go with it.
3/31 c7 clinttraper
Siri was such a bitch and Anakin was an even bigger bitch. Tbh Anakin should’ve gotten really pissed at her but he just sat there and took all her shit? He never chose to be the chosen one and the Jedi definitely did fail him greatly, Obi and Asohka were the only Jedi who ever gave af about him enough to help in any meaningful way. If anything Anakin was led by the nose his entire first life and as said before, he was never really free at all. So that entire dream came off as Jedi arrogance to the extreme that should’ve pissed him tf off..
3/23 c10 Zero-Zoldyck
This whole darkside thing could have been avoided if he just force pushed/pulled padme out of the way.
1/28 c11 changenpan
he's a freaking 45 old man...this is not some teenage angst...

The reason why Anakin fell WAS because of teenage angst and he knows it now. There is NO way that he would fall again like this. If he could come to term with killing billions and still come back to the light there is no way this scene would happen.

Interesting premise. Over done execution on the character.
1/8 c1 1TheNStorm
You might even say, more simply, that everybody has a point where that which they hold sacred is laid bare. It's what makes us human, and even the Great and Powerful Lord of the Sith cannot deny what he is forever.
12/14/2021 c10 TheRightPrice
I really like that Anakin is not being made into a goody goody Jedi who totally rejects the dark and only ever uses the light.
10/11/2021 c10 Treya Skywalker
Huhh I always feel anakin is weak in this timeline no doubt. Always so hesitant all he could do is scream?.
10/7/2021 c4 2Sivartius
This was gread & I appreciate it. I don't understand why he couldn't successfully lie to Qui-Gon about some things, but Qui-Gon bought the lie of the visiting teacher hook, line, & sinker. I'd have thought Qui-Gon would have paid attention to that part more than anything.
9/29/2021 c13 2TheAverageJoeIsMe
I'll admit that as an avid fan, I noticed some discrepancies from the original characters' plans and motivations. (E.g. Maul wasn't there to kill Padme, just keep tabs on her location while attacking the Jedi and making them realize the Sith were back so that they'd be paranoid and anxious during the upcoming Clone Wars.) But I did find this story very engaging and interesting. I look forward to reading more.
9/26/2021 c2 7bespin-clouds
I am so intrigued by this story! Your writing style is fantastic, cant wait to read more!
9/9/2021 c1 TheAmbientInTheDark79
Re reading this again after a possible break up... Thanks for the story it's the only thing keeping me sane right now
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