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11/10 c5 Axccel
I never understood why someone raised in politics like Padme would do something so stupid as issue a vote of no-confidence merely because the Chancellor was following the law. What did she think would happen? That his replacement would magically be able to ignore the legal procedures? There was no way in which it could help her and she knew it.

She also seems, both in the movies and in this, incapable of understanding that things don't just instantly happen just because she wants it.
11/10 c4 Axccel
Pfft, his anger towards Obi-Wan is stupid.

Anakin: "I'm angry and hateful to Obi-Wan!"
Obi-Wan: "Why?"
Anakin: "...I dunno, the writer said so, I guess? I mean, you never did anything bad to me or hurt me in any way, shape, or form until Mustafar and I reeeeally deserved it and worse by then. And all of my pain came entirely from my obsession and greed."

As for Obi-Wan's aging thing, personally my head-canon is that he used the Force extensively to shield Luke from being detected and that the strain decayed his body.

And I never understood the betrayal thing both in the lore and in fanfics. What betrayal? That he didn't side with Anakin? It's not clear and doesn't make sense. The word "betrayal" doesn't fit into anything that happened after Order 66 in regards to anyone but Anakin. And in this story, Anakin knows damn well that Obi-Wan's actions couldn't have been betrayal anyway, that he was simply chasing after the REAL traitor: him. Heck, he should HOPE Padme ratted him out.
8/10 c6 Efail
I get that he's a big ol ball of emotional mess right now and that 'logic was never his strong suit' but the sheer stupidity that is not trying to do something about Palpatine as soon as possible even at the possible risk of his own well being is so incredibly annoying that it's difficult to keep reading. He cares about Padme yet doesn't do sh*t to actually help her and sends her off to go have a chat with the sith lord that even he fears. Every second that he is in any amount of power is another second closer towards her death and pain. So why is he doing NOTHING to actually change that besides put her in even more danger? I understand it's in order to force the plot to have an element of intrigue but it just feels like intentionally making a character stupid in order to force an event to occur.
5/28 c11 AlexianBlithworth
Huh, so again I read the same fic not realising at first and yet still I find the same issue that made me drop it.
How in all Nine Hells did you think it's good writing for a fic like this to make it look as if fate can't be altered by the very same reason you wrote the fic in the first place?
5/19 c5 hallaba
some one commented on a future chapter this: "Interesting premise. Over done execution on the character.".

that is so true. he is supposed to be an old man in a younger body so obviously there is going to be mental problems but the whole damn book is all about that really. about anakins inner conflict, his weakness and the like.
5/19 c5 hallaba
people in the comments seems to think the author made a mistake by writing nubian instead of naboo. Nubian is the maker of the craft, not the planet it is from. it is a brand, there is no mistake
5/19 c4 asdasd
the suprise anakin goes through every time he meets someone he already knew he was going to meet and that whole internal conflict is getting old. Will the whole book be like that
5/19 c2 follower
IF you like reading about angry little slave who got some memories from a different life but refuses to think about them this is a story for you
5/19 c2 asdasd
Annoying to read. He constantly forgots what happened the first time and as he constantly remembers more as they happen he is constansly panicked and unsure of himself. no one likes to read about a pathetic character who is meant to be strong.
3/19 c13 YetAnotherReviewer
I quite enjoyed the story. There were a few moments where I was thinking "Anakin, why aren't you doing X?" but I think they added to the story as it reflects his flaws and uncertainty of being thrust into this situation. Looking forward to reading Dangers of Foresight.
3/13 c1 Guest
It was good, up until you decided you wanted to be extremely boring and cliché and make Anakin useless and evil the moment Padme got a tiny little shot on her shoulder. Ah, such a waste of potential.
1/26 c13 SunPho3n1x
Good job!
12/17/2022 c13 AradanY
Just note that Anakin never trusted prophecies, thinking them bantha poodoo. At least, that's what I heard.
12/7/2022 c13 Yami no Ninaite
Scratch that... I really ought to read authors' introductions. Oops.
12/7/2022 c13 Yami no Ninaite
Quite liked it. The only critique I really have is it wasn't terribly clear that Dangers of Foresight was the sequel and not the first, and it was better-received, so I got a few chapters in before realising it didn't begin in media res, but followed this; perhaps mentioning in its summary would help future readers not make the same mistake.
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