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for Hindsight Is Not Perfect

9/9 c1 TheAmbientInTheDark79
Re reading this again after a possible break up... Thanks for the story it's the only thing keeping me sane right now
6/18 c1 itioministralis
This... is already a masterpiece... The writing, the descriptions, the dialogues. Wow
6/2 c13 back2front
this story was utterly brilliant. Ive read numerous do-ver fics but none feel as believable and so well written. At times you can feel the inner turmoil of annakins struggle, alongside obi-wan, yoda and quigons. some scenes brought a tear to my eye (pretty much every interaction with anakin and his mom), some scenes intense and action packed. on to the next one now. awesome work.
6/1 c13 Kirkegaard
Thank for the story
4/23 c3 11Notsae
If he's having this much trouble holding himself out of the dark side with just normal, everyday stresses, there is no way he"ll be able to keep it together long term. He almost murdered two people for being assholes on his first day, I can't imagine he'll hold onto his flimsy convictions in the face of hardship and war let alone mere time. If he's getting angry just tinkering with machines, I can only see danger and more powerful stress pushing him straight back into the Dark. At best I could see a form of balance, but so long as he keeps denying what is so obviously an intrinsic part of himself all I see is his rage boiling over until he finally reaches a breaking point and goes full dark side again. He almost killed Jar Jar for being annoying and almost embraced the dark again when he realized the Jedi weren't much better, there is no way this guy is gonna be able to cling to the light long term. He's far too drawn to the dark, for more naturally aligned with it.
4/21 c1 1fractalman
Regarding the summary-
Ah yes, figuring out how to balance the force.

The movies never REALLY delve into what balancing the force ACTUALLY MEANS. Some bits of the movies suggest that the sith are causing imbalance by imbalancing their emotions, and that the jedi avoid this entirely by not feeding their emotions.

But even Yoda briefly wonders if maybe, just maybe, the balance spoken of in the prophecy means equal dark and lightside power, and the actual events of the movies certainly seem to feed into this interpretation, in that anakin indeed FIRST balances out that scale and THEN defeats the sith, in that order.

Before I really get into the fic, I'm kinda curious how much you plan to explore that theme...or if it's going to be largely overshadowed by other side effects of time travel.
4/8 c7 Angular Glass
Holy crap. That's gotta be one of the most distinctive, the very moment Darth Maul sees that he's gunna flinch out of confusion at the very least.
2/4 c8 Zealot07
I'm loving this fic.
1/16 c1 Scarease
Well wonder if going be youngest Jedi vigelante .
1/13 c13 6Kittona
this was really good! the premise was fascinating and you pulled it off well. I'm excited to fo read the sequel:D
12/20/2020 c13 jmeec316
Just finished a re-read of this after a bit of a hiatus on , and it's just as wonderful the second go round! Can't wait to continue through the rest of this series!
12/6/2020 c12 Nikkless
12/6/2020 c11 Nikkless
so no change for Qui-Gon
12/6/2020 c8 Nikkless
where is C-3PO
12/6/2020 c5 Nikkless
he really feels so damn pathetic
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