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for The Awkward Moment When

5/10/2011 c2 5Undone Misdeeds
This chapter made me giggle.

As usual, wonderfully written. I like the playful manner you have given Belle. It suits her.

Can't wait to see what you have in store for this story.
5/10/2011 c2 2Sailor Sayuri
Great chapter! I LOVE it! *grins*

I like how you write, and the plot is great! *smirks*

Belle is SO dense sometimes! It makes me laughs, but in some cases she makes me almost cry 'cause she's SO naive! LOL

I really want to know what happens next! *wails*

Please update soon! Pweety Pwease with a lot of chocolate on top! *BIG puppy eyes*

Good luck for next chapter! ^_~

5/10/2011 c2 1ElusiveParanoia
ahahahaha lol! cute...I want KElly to say I love you belle!

ha. very entertaining vox.
5/7/2011 c1 Beat182
Oi Oi! I see someone's back :) Out of all your stories, I never thought you'd write a sequel to this. Love it though, per usual. Will we be seeing more then? LOVE Kelly freakin' Jones (Y)
5/7/2011 c1 5Undone Misdeeds
Ahh, i was hoping you might do another. It's nice to have you back

This made me laugh so much, seriously, it was brilliant.

I cant wait to see what flash wanted.. and whats written on that note.

looking foward to more. :)
5/7/2011 c1 1ElusiveParanoia
Aww! Thanks for the decation cheeky junior. I loved it! Ha flashes surprise made me laugh and the threesome...never knew you would write such a thing! Haha well done! Can't wait for more!
5/7/2011 c1 20Darkwolf109
glad to see a sequel tho i must admit i didn't expect it. can't wait to see what happens. hopefully lots of belle/kelly fluff. *Hopefull expression*
5/6/2011 c1 7Ms.Adventure
Nice! This was a brilliant follow up. Love the pacing of the facts interspersed with humor. Very curious what Flash's note said.

Nice interaction between the two girls. Thanks for making Belle confident and playful, not just the backdrop for Kelly's personality.

Of course, you realize I want more . . .

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