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2/21 c15 Guest
12/29/2023 c24 Emma Rose Bodeholt
Please continue to write more chapters
2/28/2023 c8 TsukuyoGintoki
I hate when people believe that the Oedipus complex is a real thing. it's not true that every child has sexual instincts towards their parents. that doesn't even make sense especially from an evolutionary perspective.

if it's just being used as a reason for Harry not to be with Ginny... fine. though you could have just written that he no longer fancies her and that would be the end of it.
8/22/2022 c24 maimur82
Amazing work, many thanks to the author for this masterpiece. I look forward to further development of the plot.
6/5/2022 c24 gemini shawty
6/5/2022 c23 gemini shawty
this has all been very wholesome and sweet,i really like it. they deserve to have some happiness :)
6/5/2022 c21 gemini shawty
i never really appreciated drarry fics before this, ill have to check some out when im done
4/21/2022 c24 HoneyBear84
Seriously hope you will start updating it again someday soon
6/28/2021 c24 Guest
Read this a long time ago, and chanced upon it with an update! I was really intrigued by the content - having both Tom's in the portrait plus Draco as a romantic interest is ingenius. I don't think I've read any other fic with a similar plot, and you also write very well. Thank you for writing this, it was a pleasure to read.
4/13/2021 c3 2Rinnala
You know, if I was in that situation with Ginny, I'd have been way more uncomfortable with my archenemy's voyaging than kissing the girl I liked. Would definitely have eaten the sandwich in the kitchen or some dining room an not my bedroom if I wasn't ready to renew the relationship with said girl.
What I'm saying is that I don't get Harry. Doesn't mean that this isn't realistic or anything negative, but I'm very worried that this is a diary situation and the demand to be placed in a room that sees daily use is like giving someone a/The diary they demandthat it must, by contract be used every day. Judging by how much interaction has been going on already and by the above non-sensible reaction situation, this is very bad and it will not take a full year for Harry to be unconscious in a dungeon getting the life sucked out of him.
Can't wait to read the rest.
Maybe I'm way off.
Maybe Harry is very unconsciously gay and maybe he really does see his mother in Ginny and he'll fall in love with Tom and/or Voldemort, like it said on the tin. May it'll be a threesome. But...
After this chapter, I kind of want the possession story either way.
3/22/2021 c23 Hello
I just found this story rehentelyjä and read it right away! It was published so long time ago and I feared that it would have been abandoned and I was so happy when I saw that it had been updated just yesterday!
3/21/2021 c1 Ch10m4
Hmm... Interesting.
Although the part with Kreacher casting a memory charm seems not in tune with elves. What of memory recalibration via cerebral trauma (slam his head on a surface till he's sure the memory is gone)
I wish i could use emojis...
3/18/2021 c22 HoneyBear84
Love it and seriously can’t wait for the next update
1/24/2021 c21 toukakirishima666
1/14/2021 c21 milkNhoneyy
This was a great story, I couldn’t stop reading! Based on updates, you take a bit of time to continue, huh? This was meant with no offense btw. I look forward to reading more of this, again, great story!
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