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6/16/2012 c3 LIIBBYYYYY
5/14/2011 c1 19Catherine Spark
Heya, here is the promised review! I hope it’s useful and that I do the piece justice. I’m reviewing as I read, so impressions are immediate and continuous. Hope that’s ok and still useful. So to begin:

The descriptions at the beginning are full of vivid detail – a nice way to draw us in. And an interesting way to characterise people too – the miniscule writing, the filthy purse and the flipping back and forth through annotated(?) pages. “Bruised blue light” – this is a beautiful phrase – conveys the delicacy of the morning very well.

Oooh…so people go after her for her brother and this book? Interesting…reminds me a bit of Su Lin Yao in The Blind Banker (but only a little bit). You convey her furtiveness very well I think, although it is not immediately apparent – more it creeps in, which I think works because you’re building a picture. Little things like escalating noise and traffic making her anxious and distressed – and the flipping of the book becoming more frantic.

I thought at first that her brother was some kind of criminal – and he may still be I suppose – just because he’s been taken doesn’t automatically make him an innocent victim, nor are victims and criminals mutually exclusive…

I get the feeling the flight of the blonde from the men who have taken her brother is somewhat inspired by ‘A Study In Pink’? If not then sorry – but I was imagining the little red and green map lines like for Sherlock/John and the taxi mapping out her route too. Glad she escaped. Not sure if I should be glad…but I am! I already feel like I know her and care about her as a character – a sign of good writing.

I also really like how you very rarely tell us outright that she’s nervous or distressed, but convey it through her body language. Because that not only tells us her moods, but something about her as a person and her little quirks and habits, adding to characterisation. And all this and she doesn’t even have a name and we don’t even know what exactly it is that she’s doing! Looking forward to more – and sorry again for not reviewing earlier.

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