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12/9/2017 c10 Ezria fangirl
Love this so much! Please update soon x
8/1/2012 c10 1krissyucoofoo
Its soooo goood! PLEASE write some more! Thank you! :D
1/4/2012 c10 StoriesAreBetterThanRealLife
This is really good even though you are writing about very sensitive things you do it perfectly xxx
11/25/2011 c10 prettylittlefan1
Wow it's really good ! Please update soon, can't wait!

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8/1/2011 c10 4hiding.my.heart
Good chapter! Please update soon!
7/30/2011 c10 SolitudeMyLove
Its a very good story :).

See you when you update and take care.

7/27/2011 c10 26bite-me-im-irish
Great chapter :) Good to know that this story is back!
7/26/2011 c10 sydneyspeaksnow
Omg so intense. Loved it! Update!


7/26/2011 c10 6BlueSkyHigh
crazy good
7/26/2011 c10 5HarrylovesGinny09
Welcome back! Did u know today is Ezra day? I did not know that today is Ezra until I went on facebook on my phone.
7/13/2011 c9 Guest
Can u please post the Next chapter this is an unusual story but I could see a doing this and this gives aria and Ezra another bump in the road to overcome. I want to see where you go with this story so Please keep writing.
7/9/2011 c9 SolitudeMyLove
I feel so bad for both of them.

Beeing raped or knowing a vicim of rape is not easy.

See you when you update I would like to know how this story is going to work out =).

7/5/2011 c9 4hiding.my.heart
This story is SOOOO GOOD! I love it. Please update soon!
7/1/2011 c9 1virgo93911
each time i read it gets better... Good Job Abbs :) Ziva Loves you 3
7/1/2011 c9 26bite-me-im-irish
This was great, I really loved it. The story is so emotional and I love how understanding Ezra is. He sounds really like the Ezra in the show so well done! Please update soon! :) x
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