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6/30/2011 c9 15princessjasmine12
good chapter update soon
6/30/2011 c9 sydneyspeaksnow
I will read whatever you write! I loved this! Thank your friend for me! Update!


6/30/2011 c9 2Amybrooks
It's nice! Everyone needs a filler chapter. As for writer's block the best thing is to do is think of an idea, read things related and non-related to the idea, and turn what you read into a part of your idea but different at the same time. Hope that made sense!
6/30/2011 c9 5HarrylovesGinny09
u re back. i love NCIS. they have NCIS fanfiction if you did not know. Abby is my favorite. You should do a story for NSIC.
6/30/2011 c8 1virgo93911
ahhh loved ittttt
6/22/2011 c8 LindseyLewis09
6/22/2011 c8 1mdbballbabe23
great chapter! I think it would be better if aria didn't get pregnant. update soon!
6/21/2011 c8 lalala17
NO NO NO NO NO to aria pregnant by that raping. I couldn't handle reading that at all.
6/20/2011 c8 3crazyatbest
No pregnant aria. But update soon.
6/20/2011 c8 mz.myrandazaphod
NO PREGO that story line is OVERUSED and i don't want very one to think she was a slut and would probably know what happened.
6/20/2011 c8 sydneyspeaksnow
NO PREGGERS! update.


6/20/2011 c8 NA
Please DONT have Aria get pregnant from the rape
6/20/2011 c8 xUNSPOKEN
too lazy to log in (:

i loved it, it was really realistic with her shutting him out and being scared of psychical contact :D

oh, and also, i dont want her to get pregnant, the storyline is waaaaay overused these days (;
6/20/2011 c8 SolitudeMyLove
I'm saying no to Aria getting pregnant from it that would be a little to much.

See you when you update this chapter was really good.

6/20/2011 c8 26bite-me-im-irish
I liked this chapter, I think it was very realistic of you to have Aria not wanting to talk as many rape victims are like that. Also, I'm voting against the pregnancy. I'm sick of that storyline! Anyway, I'm looking forward to more :) X
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