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for Young Justice: Arashikage

7/7/2023 c9 joshua9966
Great story but I would not have Artemis fall in love with Naruto and just be platonic friends
12/8/2022 c9 EVIL-SAGE
ayo this was dope really hope you continue this!
11/20/2022 c9 1Simmonschr
I hope you didn't give up on this story cause it's really good and I would be disappointed if you did but if you have at least let us know
5/2/2021 c9 HexusBePerplexus
It’s sad this seems to be disconnected
4/18/2021 c5 Guest
Play can you all stop making fucking naruto its fucking annoying like seriously we can't have any ninjas without them being called naruto in fanfics it's actually annoying
12/24/2020 c9 Hyuga Tobirama
Damn this is good you gotta update and finish this. Great story and like the fact he never joined the justice league or young justice and created his own team. Well done
9/14/2020 c9 Guest
This is a really interesting story, there's just a couple of flaws.

The 'No Kill Policy', is something created by fandoms that eventually became rule in the YJ show, in reality, the Justice League has killed. Hell if I recall correctly they killed in the old nineties show, but there are reasons that some of them avoid killing.

Most of Superman's rogues are simply too tough to kill, like Lobo, Mongol, and Darkseid, all of whom can regenerate, Hell, Lobo heals like Wolverine. His only truly mortal foe is Luthor and Luthor is a perfect example of an American politician, crooked as a snake but has the idiot masses thinking he's a saint. Literally, all Luthor has to do is save a kitty from a tree-branch and the idiot masses will eat out of the palm of his hands, if Superman killed him, Superman would be hated by the masses. However Superman HATES Luthor and has made that PAINFULLY clear, Hell, Superman won't even work with the GOOD Lex Luthors from other realities, a fact he proved in Crisis on Two Earths.

Most of Wonder Woman's enemies are either victims, like Cheetah and Silver Swan, whom were manipulated into becoming who they are, particularly Cheetah, who in recent comics is starting to look more and more like she's being manipulated by the god who gave her the Cheetah powers. Or her enemies are part of the Greek Pantheon whom she CAN'T afford to piss off, after all, her powers are GIFTS from the gods whom can possibly take them away. For example, Hecate IS one of the Gods of Olympus, if Wonder Woman killed her, it would be like attacking the gods themselves, and Circe is favored by many high-ranking members including Athena and Zeus, the former one of the patrons of the Amazons. However WW hasn't hesitated to kill some of her enemies, like Dr. Poison and such, who she'll just as quickly run through with her sword.

Batman unlike the other 'heroes' is not viewed as a 'superhero' in Gotham, he's a Vigilante, which technically makes him a criminal himself. It was actually mentioned in the comics that there IS an active warrant out for his arrest, for the crime of vigilantism, but higher-ups like Bullock, Gordon, and Montoya ignore it in favor of his help, this is why in the comics, he only meets with them in the shadows, unlike the cartoons, in the comics, Batman does not appear in front of the entire GCPD playing detective, he sneaks in, investigates, then privately gives his information to Bullock, Gordon, or Montoya. It was also mentioned, when discussing Jason Todd's death with Damien, that the reason he hasn't at least killed the Joker is because of this active warrant out for his arrest, because if he were to kill the Joker, the GCPD would hunt him down and go to war, similarly to that episode of the New Animated Batman series where Batgirl got drugged by Scarecrow and hallucinated her death where Batman and the Batfamily, were subsequently hunted by GCPD, that WOULD happen if Batman were to kill, because technically, he's a criminal himself. Batman however HAS made it clear that he WANTS to kill both the Joker, for killing Jason, and the Scarecrow, whom has constantly tortured Batgirl, and ultimately he DOES kill Hush, for stealing Selina's heart.

So contrary to the cartoons and the bullshit 'No Kill Policy' of the fandom, the Justice League can and WILL kill if they have to, if they didn't, they never would be able to fight against Darkseid. Not only the Big Three, but Flash has killed, Green Arrow has DEFINITELY killed, in fact one of the much older comics, he stabs a hillbilly through the heart with a handful of arrows because the bastard tried to rape and kill Black Canary, it was an EXTREMELY brutal kill too that shows, Green Arrow ain't no Robin Hood, pretty sure even Wolverine would have gone... "Damn".
7/28/2020 c9 Eragon13247
please update
5/18/2020 c9 Inu-Shinta
Oh please consider adding Lady Shiva to Naruto’s harem, also maybe Scandal Savage and her girlfriend Knockout.
4/3/2020 c9 Shadowy Rose while it lasted
2/19/2020 c9 Guest
Great chapter as always.

For your little group I suggest Shimmer, Cassandra Cain, Batgirl, Stephanie Brown/Spoiler, Mr. Freeze, Tsukuri from JLU, Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark, Green Arrow if you can pull it off, and the female Speedy from the Teen Titans comic, along with more serious/badass versions of Angel and Kitten from the 2003 Teen Titans cartoon, and Angelica/Disruptor from the Teen Titans comic.
2/18/2020 c9 StoneTheLoner
My suggestion for the next chapter is that it happens. Like, at all.
2/9/2020 c5 46Sage of the Azure Phoenix
Just awesome man.

If you ever come back to fanfiction, I recommend Shimmer/Selinda as she is a martial artist that could give Naruto a run for his money, as well as her having the Uzumaki red hair, and she can relate to Naruto in the sense both are shunned for circumstances beyond their own control, if you run her comic backstory.
1/2/2020 c9 mui goku
can you please turn into a harem between naruto, jade and artemis please
12/27/2019 c9 Samuel Santillan
espero mas capiulos esta historia es buena puedo esperar mas
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