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for Whisper: fanfic under Wolves of Mercy Falls

4/4/2018 c19 6Walker63163
The wolves of mercy falls are not represented well in FanFiction territory. Only 45 stories. I’m writing one that will explain what everyone hopes happened after the end of forever. It will be out this weekend. Put it out to the community
3/23/2014 c19 1Twi-Hard4
WTH?! omg.. i loved the actual story but i feel like the last chapter should be a story to! omg lol... the inspiration you have blooming in me lol.. too bad im a sucky ass writer ;)
9/30/2013 c1 SCARLETT
10/18/2012 c19 ShiveringTwister
Sorry for such late replies! Anywho, xD, I love this new version of Whisper, and I think it's gonna be a HIT when it's eventually finished! (If you do choose to continue writing.)
10/13/2012 c19 Guest
It's really, really good! ShiveringTwister here.. Was just too lazy to sign in XD
9/15/2012 c17 Rather-Not-Tell
I'm HOOKED on this! I really really love your art of details and how precise everything is. Hope you make more!
9/15/2012 c11 Guest
Uh. .. Not meaning to point-out some things... but who is Conner?
9/15/2012 c6 Rather-Not-Tell
Just a small comment; But I find it a little humorous that Brooke is the exact opposite of Kylie (Kylie Silver & Brown eyes; Brooke Brown wolf & grey eyes).
9/15/2012 c5 Rather-Not-Tell
Colin seems like Cole.. a little bit.. to me. Hm.
9/15/2012 c2 Guest
Will seems just like Sam. I mean... JUST like Sam. The lyrics and everything XD ;D
9/1/2012 c1 Guest
Maggie Stiefvator's Trilogy changed my life! I've only read your first chapter, it's really good. Your writing, very much like Maggie's, has a poetic touch in it that shows that you've read the series. I write like that, too, and recognise a voice that you and I share, that we've both got from The Wolves of Mercy Falls. Keep up the great writing, you've got great potential! :)
2/4/2012 c16 1Joemon8
Hehe, I remember some of the story, but I might have to go back and re-read. I still love it though, I remember what's basically going on. Wonderful 3 wonderful job
2/4/2012 c16 1Percy's favorite sister
This was a good chapter! Update soon please?
11/8/2011 c2 JessiZ
aWeSoMe Guys! I lOve both of ur guys's stuff! U got it going man but I gOtta keep reading OMG I WANT COOKIES NOW!
10/4/2011 c1 5Silver'ssong
Hi Kylie,

Great story, nice beginning.

Better than mine(which is finally up again!)
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