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9/8 c4 Guest
"My actions have not been consistent with my screenname."
9/8 c4 Guest
Oh god Legion, my boy!
Why have you made such an amazingly good fic, my tears flow from remembering our Robot Comrade
5/11 c5 awesomechan15
This is why I love legion
11/20/2022 c1 Dasgun

1/12/2022 c5 Mr. Mortanius
Thank you for making this, I found it after looking around for anything expanding on Legion's Shadow Broker dossier. It was a true joy to read, start to finish. I also appreciated the inclusion of our resident biotic God
12/11/2021 c5 bable631
Lmfao I remember this from way back in the day.

To see a random update is both awesome and fucking hilarious.
11/18/2021 c5 Cordylion
Having Legion play a dating game is a great idea, ha ha. If you end up writing more chapters I wouldn't mind at all more stuff like this.
11/7/2021 c5 3Skadarken
Legion is just getting funnier by the chapter and that last chapter with KRogaNKRUsher was a brilliantly touching scene.

I gotta hand it to you. These characters feel real and I am invested in them. Good job. Keep up the good work.
11/7/2021 c5 devo342
Legion you adorable robot you :)
11/7/2021 c5 SpecterXCove
That was pretty funny.
11/7/2021 c5 6Snapdragonroar
The BEST N7 gift! I always knew this story would finish one day, and it was totally worth the wait.
11/7/2021 c5 1Dedischado
Thanks, I needed that this morning.
11/7/2021 c5 18SLotH4
BWAHAHAHA! That’s what I like to see. Just a complete mess knee-deep in the uncanny valley. Legion is adorable. And it’s nice to see a game they suck at.

I like that you’re updating this so much. They’re gems.
11/6/2021 c4 1PariahPrime
It’s so good to see this again!
11/6/2021 c4 9OmniGawker
Nice to see that this is back from the grave, keep it up amigo/a
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