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1/28 c23 1Nevarus
second tip, you don't need to force the other 2 species into another universe. just have the zerg interact with the world.
1/28 c23 Nevarus
yeah I'm gonna be honest up to chapter 20, this was pretty good in spite of the gripes I have stated and ones I haven't... after chapter 20 it becomes completely joyless to read. I tried to give it a chance, but if there's a rewrite drop everything after 20 and redo it. biggest tip, don't bring the god crap into this... you don't need to have the ability be a gift from God...
1/28 c11 Nevarus
I'm very confused... is the mcs personality not influenced by his upbringing in this world? he is being incredibly naive for no reason. I get that he has two sets of memories, but the crueler of the two seems to not be influencing him at all.

I could almost see this as being conflict between his two memories, but it's more likely a conflict between his human and zerg part. logically, he did what he thought was best for survival and it wasn't entirely incorrect. if not for his attack then they probably would've ambushed him while he was asleep. everything else I've already said.
1/28 c10 Nevarus
idk why he feels that guilty. the group has a confirmed slaver that is hostile. they are specifically coming to where he is located. it's pretty obvious that it isn't with good intentions. it does not matter that they were deceived, it's not his fault regardless. there's no guarantee that they would be willing to talk without Emily, therefore this was the best outcome (even in hindsight).
7/19/2021 c25 Fenrir
The story started well but when they moved into the city it began to devolve into a story I could barely recognize. Turning the queens into bodyguards when they would have been better utilized to efficiently manage the swarm. Even in a battle where they were outnumbered you would think the MC would use the queens but nooooo they are bodyguards, mascots of the swarm. If a transformed Emily with her magic could cause that much damage what about 3 queens working together. From Ch. 20 I just skipped to the end.
Amazing concept though, I love how slightly different from the game the zerg units and structures were, made them more realistic. I hope the author picks this up again without the craps from Ch. 20 onwards.
4/10/2021 c1 Guest
Darn... With that intro MC could have gone the Taylor/Luna Varga route.
Hope MC is able to upgrade himself Kerrigan Style, though perhaps improving the appearance.
3/11/2021 c14 Man Man
well, ask and you shall receive
3/11/2021 c12 Man Man
dude, if he doesn't realize why at this point, he is either has really bad Emotional IQ or EQ, its the average dense protag that is so overused in anime and sometimes other fanfictions which I kinda don't like as it doesn't seem funny to me.
or its a plot point that'll be addressed later, which i don't know how to feel if its like that
either way the story isnt BAD, its actually really well written and i enjoy reading it, and to some people these two things are enjoyable to them and i accept this though it just doesnt click with me
ill finish this story
3/10/2021 c5 Man Man
In my personal opinion, too much drama that I’ve seen before, albeit in different iterations in different stories
And not enough murder hobo-ness for me
1/14/2021 c2 cricket chirps
:) good story so far (my first comment on chpt 1 had no name srry forgot to type it in XD)
1/14/2021 c1 Guest
:P this is similar to some of the rebirth as (authors choice) (occasionally on dif world/apocalypse happening), well, at least that weird requirement something or other was similar, as well as something death related (I.E. the lightning) happening to him and. . . you get the rest.
12/11/2020 c21 BlackStarMage
Have to admit I really disliked where this went, so I'm just going to pretend it didn't happen and continue reading.
12/11/2020 c2 BlackStarMage
as callous as this sounds, I rather hope the mother is dead and it's just the two of them. I feel it would be better for developing a more 'zerg' like mindset.
11/22/2020 c16 Kevin
Gracias al traductor de Google puedl leer tu historia, me gusta mucho gracias
7/16/2020 c25 1Snappy Flowah
Yus. I like that. I'll be going there.

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