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for From One Life, to the Next

4/27/2014 c1 13RoundBrainySpecs
Oh, now this is lovely. Such a magnificent, beautiful, wonderful, poignant tribute! Ever so well done. Bravo, sir!
9/1/2011 c1 6JAIMOL
It is a beautiful chapter. In memory of Sarah Jane Smith will never forget you.
7/17/2011 c1 Guest
When Nick Courtney died, there was an article in Doctor Who Magazine imploring the writers to never write an episode stating that The Brigadier is dead. At the time of writing, there are still six episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures still to be screened and I'm sure the writers of Doctor Who would never say that Sarah's dead. Certainly Lis wouldn't want it.
5/27/2011 c1 99Lynse
Wow. That was...astoundingly fitting. Not only what you said, which was wonderfully perfect, but also how you said it. And I enjoyed the small injections of humour into the sadness. It strengthened, somehow, the impression of a celebration of a life rather than simply a mourning of a passing, the sort that brings the need to smile through the tears at the memories you're left with. The impression further fits in with the idea of continuing on, both after death and in the actions of those who have been influenced by the life lived.

Thank you for this.
5/12/2011 c1 2TardisWhisperer
This was beautiful. We'll all miss her.
5/12/2011 c1 10CatalystOfTheSoul
:'D Loooooooooove.

I didn't even NOTICE that supposed typo. D: That's why /you're/ the best at editing. ;)

:) Very, very good tribute. Very proud. :)

5/12/2011 c1 nony

...the was awesome.
5/12/2011 c1 6Beardson
this was an great sendoff for such a great charicter, it was sad news when I heard it.

now I only hope the do just as good when they deal with it in doctor who proper.

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