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for To Live Forever

4/2/2013 c1 sportytc
please can u update this story again please, i would like the chance to read more of your great day
8/27/2009 c1 107kirallie
Interesting start. More?
12/16/2005 c1 texaswookie
hope you'll consider updating this sometime
6/2/2005 c1 19Pairatime
Cool hope to read more
11/3/2003 c1 Bit C
Are you ever going to update this?

5/19/2002 c1 Taiyou Ryuu
Very interesting start please finish this fic.
4/25/2002 c1 4Saj te Gyuhyall
*blinks...blinks again...* Whoa, never saw this fic coming. you should

definetly finish this.
4/22/2002 c1 3Kiran
Oh man, that was great. More! More! More!
4/3/2002 c1 Ibonekoen
Very, *very* nice start! *applauds* I hope you plan to continue this story because so far I am very impressed with it.

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