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2/3/2013 c20 Guest
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WRITE MORE...it's so fucking it's the best fan fic I have ever read..it actually made me sob my heart out...I had to get my friend to calm me down...please pretty please finish it..
1/11/2013 c20 Candi
1/8/2013 c20 1Millie joe Armstrong
thank you for another brilliant chappie :D
12/28/2012 c19 millie joe armst
more plz
12/24/2012 c8 Millie joe Armstrong
daw mikey's 11 daw daw daw
12/24/2012 c3 Millie joe Armstrong
aww i think it's adorable that mikey has to have juice the guy f*cking love coffee
11/4/2012 c19 QueerlyDeparted
Yay, you're back!
8/14/2012 c18 Guest
I love this story when is the next page :)
8/13/2012 c18 Guest
When is the next chapter as i love ur story
8/1/2012 c18 1BeautifulDarknessKilljoy
Epic story!
4/29/2012 c17 QueerlyDeparted
Yay you posted!
4/29/2012 c17 Backhanded By Tragedy
Ha! You're happy to be writing again! I'm beyond ecstatic that you're writing again!
1/24/2012 c12 Alphabet Song
Hope you know I'd never give up on this, its much too good a read!

Aww poor Fate/Gee/Mikey/Frank/Fate's mum...I hope they get a break from all this shit.

I'm sorry, I'm shattered, I just had two hours of PE, so I'll go now.

Update at your own rate, hun. Its YOUR story so don't let people control it. If you need time, take time. Please don't stress yourself out! Okay, I know none of this was mentioned, but for future reference, yeah?
1/12/2012 c10 21MyChemicalDreamer
i see you been takin my advice XD hehe i LOVE this chapter! well i love every chapter... but still...
1/4/2012 c9 MyChemicalDreamer
i like it so far. but some points of fate's anorexia don't seem all too real to me, no offense. but here are some points about anorexia (through my own personal experience): 1) anorexic people are really secretive, so fate probably wouldn't have just come out and told gerard she was anorexic, she would have said something like "have frank tell you". 2) about the way she dresses, anorexic people are usually so insecure that they don't wear tight clothes like skinny jeans and stuff like that, they would wear loose clothes to disguise the shape of their body. 3) anorexic people don't want to admit they are indeed anorexic, or even that they have a problem. 4) anorexic people don't want to get better. the only thing they think of is how much they hate the way they look and want to change their body. so if frank told fate to go home and eat something, but he wasn't there watching her, she wouldn't eat. and she would probably be even more resistant of his efforts than she already is. (remember, these are just my own personal experience, so you don't have to use this stuff if you don't want to. and if you want fate's experience to be different than mine, that's perfectly fine.)
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