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8/21/2011 c4 17He's My Unrequited Love98
i just started reading this and i really like it! anyways i was just sitting here eating some chiken nuggets and reading this cuz my friend said it was really good and she was right! anyway it was soooo sad and i felt bad for Derek! plus im sad i cant finish my chiken nuggets! :(
6/24/2011 c4 Kelsey
The evil plot bunny..? Wow Kristen.

Anyway, I'm actually enjoying this now that I don't have you trying to spoonfeed little bits of it to me. I feel really bad for Derek and Simon :(
6/18/2011 c9 jessi
Excellent story! The Avenging Angel father was a good twist. I can't wait for the sequel!
6/14/2011 c3 Zbsusjd
Just so u know for future refrence, diabetes and blood pressure have absolutely nothing to do with each other, blood SUGAR is the problem..
6/6/2011 c9 20WiccaChick98
YES! Those jerks got what was coming to them! I feel so happy knowing that most of them died...

And now I feel totally evil-ish, if you know what I mean...

Anyway, I loved, loved, LOVED this story! It was so cool! But you will make the EG pay more, right? Cuz I dodn't think just killing them will be enough...
6/1/2011 c8 WiccaChick98
OMG! He's alive! Yay! Anyway, you could have Kit get really PO'd at the scientists and blow up the building with his magic, or you could have a Demi-demon come in and destroy the place brick by brick! That would be so cool!

Anyway, I love the whole, mother-talking-to-Derek thing. I think it's sweet.
6/1/2011 c8 AnnieHonson
YAY! Kit found Derek! My Derekins is saved!

Derek- your what?

Annie- nothing

Simon- I heard something

Annie- shut up Harry Potter!

Kit- kids these days

Pls upload soon!

- Annie
6/1/2011 c7 WiccaChick98
Alright, where's my gun? I am so freaking ticked at those -edited- for doing this to poor Derek! I can't believe anyone would be heartless enough to do that! I can't wait until Kit gets there and kicks their sorry -edited-!
5/31/2011 c7 AnnieHonson
OMG! Poor Derek!

Pls upload soon! I love it! Oh, and, are you gonna bring Chloe in this? Pls do!

- Annie
5/23/2011 c5 WiccaChick98
Oh my god! Poor Derek! Even though he didn't care when his mother died, it must be awful to finally see someone you've wanted to know your whole life and then find out that they'd gone crazy! And I can't believe those -edited- had the nerve to steal werewolf pups! I mean, a human mother is seriously protective of her child(ren). Imagine a werewolf mother. *Shivers in thought*
5/21/2011 c4 WiccaChick98
OH MY GOD! THOSE -edited-! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY WOULD DO THAT! Actually, I can, but it's evil! Those scientists should take that needle they injected Derek with, and shove it up their -edited-! It's just, no one should suffer like that. Especially not someone as sweet as Derek! *sob* If I could get my hands on them...

Anyway, great story! It had me hooked! Keep up the good work! And make sure those a-holes get what they deserve!
5/17/2011 c4 7CaitieCat78
You go Simon! Great story, but poor Derek. Update soon!
5/16/2011 c3 FireflyBlizzard
Epic chapter!

Poor Derek! :(

But poor Simon and Kit having to see that.

Update soon please! :D
5/14/2011 c1 3StuckInATower
5/13/2011 c2 7murrey-2012
Poor Derek! Great chapter!
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