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for Eyes Will Lead You Home

3/9/2014 c1 morgan garcia
What a shame this story hasn't been completed. In my opinion, it's one of the best Criminal Minds fan fics out there. Please consider finishinf the story.
2/23/2014 c15 maxxbaby
Is there any hope of you finishing this story? I wish you would.
10/20/2013 c15 1Yin - Yang M
I love this story.
5/19/2013 c15 1CrazyCrimMind
AWSOME...thats all i can say im speechless
2/17/2013 c15 Nimue68
Is this it or are you going to update ever.
12/10/2012 c15 NoLifeWithoutFanFictoin
Please please pleaseeeee UPDATE
1/2/2012 c15 1Dotty92
Great story, I love criminal minds I'm addicted to it actually and I love my Penelope and Morgan moments. I don't know why I never thought to look then up on here. Once again great story
12/2/2011 c1 foxy21
when are you going to update i mean its a good story it just needs to be updated
11/21/2011 c15 2Carfa
SO, SO, SO good! Please update!
10/5/2011 c15 15xoxokiss210
i loved
9/11/2011 c15 2mobwive
Action , adventure, love, and smut. What more could a girl ask for? Love it :)
9/10/2011 c15 4Gabrielle.Rickman.Snape
ohhhh so difficult and dangerous!
7/11/2011 c15 csimesser1
that was great loved it can't wait to read what happens next
7/11/2011 c15 28sangreal7
I think I was only half surprised that the stalker is Damon ... it was somewhere in the back of my mind, a 'what if' kind of thought. You brought it over really well though, because at no point was it obvious who it was.

Loved the moments with JJ and Reid, and especially those between Derek and Pen.

Knowing that Damon was watching has me just the slightest bit freaked out, and I can't wait to find out where you're taking this.
7/11/2011 c15 10X-MJ-X




My assistant is the stalker?

Oh My God! I was not expecting that...

I think i went through every possibility and I didn't even suspect him... God I even suspected Reid before him. How dumb could I have been?

What an amazing twist, now I get why it was so important for me to stay alive...

Ok so now that my beating heart is slowing down, let me just take a moment to write you some coherent thoughts, first and foremost I must (again) apologise for being late with the review on this, I feel terrible but you know all my excuses by now so I won't bore you to death... I promise as soon as I am done catching up with all the updates I've missed I am on that apology one shot - know only this - it's inspired by several of our chocolate related conversations and I mean chocolate in more ways than one ;-)

You do not know what waiting for this chapter has been doing to me honey and then I go and miss it when it's first posted GRRR! Oh you know this story has caused me such high stress and anguish and you also know that no matter what it might do to my health I will always be addicted to it... so seeing that it was Damon was THE biggest shock of my life but also the greatest releif ever... to know... Oh you just don't know what that means...

I loved everything about this chapter, in particular of course, the big reveal but you know that wasn't the extent of the amazingness you continue to produce.

Seriously girl I am just addicted to this story, it's like life support to me.

I loved how this started with JJ. You have a knack of altering perspectives and giving us different snippets of emotion which all bulid into the main theme and that is just one of the many things I love about your writing. Your technique is second to none and I will always be a fan of the team dynamic you always include, I think that's what makes these characters and this show so special - it's the underlying family angle which you always present so incredibly perfectly.

I had genuine tears in my eyes reading through JJ's thoughts and her actually thinking about the loss of her two friends aSs comparable occurences just made me so sad - like she was surrendering to the fact that Penelope is already lost to them and that Emily will never come back... Oh it was a tear jerker... and then the scene with Reid... oh it was gloriously sad and wonderfully adorable I just admire you and the way everything is so emotive...

Please tell me Emily is going to come back and warm out little blonde agent's heart again?

The way Spencer and JJ cried together and held each other, oh honey it was beautiful... but in that this is devastating kind of way...


Then the scenes with Penelope and Derek, I hate that she thinks coming back was a bad idea, it most definitely is not - she needs to be home, safe in the arms of our man [or ours depending on how you look at it ;)]

Oh the heightened emotions between them it's just perfect and I loved how she was watching him on the phone and thinking about all the bad things that have happened and recognising him as a beacon of strength... It was wonderful and then...


As you know I was shocked and don't think there are many more words to describe how much I was blow off my feet but the revelation that the UNSUB was my assistant! Eek! Was not expecting that, I think my reaction topped even that of Penelope!

Oh she's just so adorable how she wants to rush in and help and to Hell with any danger to her life - Oh that is such a Penelope reaction... and Derek jsut wants to protect her and keep her safe, oh it's such a beautiful love story... and Penelope'sd concern for 'me' was jsut heart warming - Thanks P!

and those kisses were just beautiful, so sexy and so needy - just so delicious...

Oh and that ending - I jsut about died over here - "I love you Penelope Garcia" Oh I LOVE YOU Rach seriously I do, but please tell me you won't hurt our girl too much I sense a messy battle before we get to the prologue again and I'm worried all over again...

I 'll be here waiting with anticipation as always for the next thrilling chapter, this was amazing and I continue to worship you my dear.

Love from your crazy Englsuh friend and incidentally the 'real' Michelle xxx
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