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for Gundam Wing: Journey to a New Battlefield

9/2 c24 Jpc123
For some reason, this story gives me more hype in the plot than Gundam seed canon. If the writers took pointers from this, they could have made the series even cooler. The romance, the art, the fightings, the story behind the characters and the rythym of the plot. I LOVE IT!
4/27 c32 9Shobu556
Reading this again...this is one of THE best Gundam fics out there. Now if only Seed was this good.
4/14 c32 MrQwErTyPoPz
bruh... pls update eyes of the soul...
2/2 c20 nakazuki
Really really love the plotline but I couldn't stand the romance, especially between Heero and Murrue. It's really over the top and it is not realistic especially the first time they got acquainted. Well it is fanfiction I suppose
So I just skip the romance part. Sorry…
Really love the story though.
8/21/2021 c17 WindbornesWord
Re-reading this and boy do I find Kira’s naive outlook on killing irritating beyond belief. I hope it gets addressed in the sequel.
7/21/2021 c26 Boosted Knees
Please tell me that Shinn in this version would end up closer to the SRW Z version, instead of the little shit he actually was in canon. Playing the SEED Destiny of Gundam Dynasty Warriors Reborn always made me feel dirty, and that's not counting how bad the actual plot was like, holy hell Shinn, calm tf down blame the evil organization or the drugs, or "Four"'s trauma, not the guy who saved your life and only meant well.
7/11/2021 c13 Boosted Knees
this chapter was another reason why I was kinda bummed out about the noninclusuon of seed astray, since Lowe was actually the guy who initially finds Kira and breaks him out of the superheated and failing Strike.
7/10/2021 c10 Boosted Knees
I'm really enjoying reading through this, the only thing I'm a bit bummed out with is that I don't see any reference to Gundam Seed Astray, even though Orb is the perfect opportunity for Heero and co. to either meet some guys from the Junk Guild or some mercenaries. that being said, I really just like Lowe Gule. Something is really respectable about a gundam pilot that makes his own gundam, kike Amuro and Kamille did.
1/25/2021 c4 Seud
The relationship between Heero and Murrue is forced, I also don’t like the lack of specific details and questions that should have come with Heero’s origins being told to them.

The lack of reaction on their part to the striking similarity of the Wing Zero and the Strike being particularly glaring. You use Heero’s background so often that it just screams “pity me!”, especially when it’s Heero who is telling them these things.

All of this sharing is far too soon, questions that should have been asked haven’t, POV’s of important characters aren’t being shown, reactions like Murrue’s to Heero telling her about him being raised as an assassin feeling downright unnatural in the way they were described (I can go into more detail on that if you want), and just the general lack of interest that your story inspires in me makes this out to be very... subpar for a Gundam story.

Which is especially bad considering Seed is very dramatic and tells of a coming of age for a young man forced to fight in a war to protect those he loves, the way you write reminds me more of the Gunpla series, which is the exact opposite as that is just children making models and fighting in non lethal battles.
11/17/2020 c27 6CT7567Rules
Heartwarming chapter with what the Archangel and its allies did for the people of Elysium. I have to know, where did you get the idea for Murrue's dress? Cause it was lovely.
11/17/2020 c26 CT7567Rules
Azrael, Unato, Yuna, Sutherland. Those sons of bitches. Scumbag motherfuckers! Those motherfuckers! They invade Orb territory, kill entire families all because of their hatred for Coordinators! No one is fucking cattle for them to slaughter.

Its a shame that Mikazuki and Barbatose won't make an appearance in this story since it was before Iron-Blooded Orphans aired on Toonami. I'm certain for a fact that if anyone fought against one of the seventy-two Gundam Frames from the calamity war, they would be pissing their pants at just the sight of the Barbatose.

Those Strike Avengers and their pilots, people like Blue Cosmos have disgraced the name Gundam by using it to kill innocent civilians. Where is the Punisher when you need him?
11/17/2020 c16 CT7567Rules
The IZ-220 and CF-89, what are they based on? You sure the ZAFT assault rifle is an HK model, I always thought it was a SIG model. I'm going to take a guess the B97 is based on the B52.

Now Yzak has witnessed what war can do to a person, especially if they are fighting for revenge. As Optimus Prime told Arcee, 'Revenge will not bring back those we have lost.' Truer words were never spoken. And it seems that he is experiencing a bit of PTSD or something like that when he fired on that shuttle. Damn, war really grinds people up.
11/17/2020 c11 CT7567Rules
J45, two 30mm cannons/machine guns, eight missiles. Is that based of the Mirage 2000?
11/9/2020 c1 Phantom0408
Wing was my first but seed was my favorite. This combines both and I can't help but get sucked in.
7/27/2020 c20 BlazeStryker
Sign of imminent pwnage:

"Hission Accepted."-Heero Yuy
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