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for Gundam Wing: Journey to a New Battlefield

7/9/2015 c8 7
Ash like snow great title
7/8/2015 c7 7
Victory is theirs
7/8/2015 c6 Guest
Good chapter
7/8/2015 c5 7
Part 1
7/8/2015 c4 7
That was epic
5/27/2015 c18 Guest
is this going to go into destiny and are you going to try and maybe get some of the other wing characters in this like zechs or any of the gundam pilots
4/23/2015 c26 BlainX
I like the story even If you have defanged heero a bit and the characters are not as deep anymore. Something that puzzles me a bit is that you have forgotten the neo bird mode it seems or did I overread that bit ? Also even If you have but up higher stakes the generell plotline seems almost the same. It is more flashed out but still the same. I thank you that you take kiras policy under fire and I hope you will alter it to be more flexibel even If he is a pacifist it annoys me to no end years later. I dont know If you read this still as you are on the sequel but I wanted to say this all the same, thank you
4/3/2015 c32 6EpyonZero23
I think… it was around the later part of May 2011, I got nothing else to do and just wanted to bide my time when I decided to visit the fanfiction site. It’s been like… five years already since I last read any of the stories posted on the site. And I’ve only been a silent reader, never leaving any reviews or notes or comments for the authors of the stories I really liked.

Then, I came across your story, you’re well aware of this – the thing that really drew me into reading it was not the fact that there will be another Wing x Seed crossover but the bold concept of pairing Heero Yuy with Murrue Ramius. My first reaction was, “is this guy serious?” his pairing is taboo by standards, but after reading the first two or three chapters – I was drawn by the highly detailed action and political scenes. From there everything went into unexpected motion, in support of the story and it’s pairing, I even created a personal account here despite being a regular silent reader for the last decade.
I wanted to voice out my support and belief on the story’s potential and eventually I gained the author’s attention as well. The rest is history, OM became my closest friend here and there will be lots of brainstorms and exchange of ideas from there onwards. I was driven to try my hand at writing my own fic – since then OM has fully supported my releases. The rest is history, but ultimately, what I wanted to say is that, there will be no EZ23 if not for the inspiration brought by Journey to a New Battlefield.

Thank you for such an amazing tale filled with adventure, action, suspense, drama, romance and a bit of humor. It truly was an unforgettable ride, all those PMs, brainstorms, opinions, exchanges and ultra long threads my friend, over the years.

Congratulations for completing this wondrous story!

P.S. Once you wrap up the saga, who knows, we could even write some collaboration. ;) – EZ23

Just teasing.
3/26/2015 c31 EpyonZero23
After the high octane, adrenaline filled, Armageddon contained within Chapters 29-30, we are treated to a peaceful and relaxed setting that is Chapter 31. All of the scenes here are focused on the post-climactic battle that shook the entirety of earth sphere. Ok, I know this is long overdue so let's go through the standout moments here.

Heero Adoption Method - Hmmm, I must admit I am bit uneasy also on this matter. For someone who values his privacy, independence and decision making at the foremost, a semblance or notion of the family concept is something I noticed quite easy for Heero to accept. Maybe we could attribute it to the changes brought to his life with his romance with Murrue.

Beach Side Party and Fireworks - I like the setting, it was simple, not extravagant, just a fitting R&R for all our protagonists - especially our main couple.

Politics (Djibril and Copeland) - Well, I must say this is among the scenes I liked most. It gives us a very nice vantage point on what's going on at the side of the Antagonist. It's one of the best precursors to the next installment of JTANB. I really enjoyed reading Copeland's own disgust and at the same time frustration on his role as a puppet ruler for the Atlantic Federation. You're really talented when it comes to political talks/scenes like this.

Preparations for the next conflict - The seeming destruction of Wing Zero, Heero's talk with Lacus and AC Characters appearance. For the first one I was reminded of the "fake detonation" of Wing Gundam in the original series. It was important, because Wing Zero was the determining factor in the biggest conflict on C.E. Heero's talk with Lacus was well done, you decided correctly here - he can't talk sense with Kira considering the fact that he's too immature and still blinded to the harsh realities which is prevalent on your story. Kudos! Yeah... I like the preparation scene for the AC characters, admittedly, I find them more believable than SEED characters.

Murrue's Mom - Very good idea. It certainly added another billion positive love points for Heero to the already overflowing feelings Murrue has for him. I like your plan here, straight forward, it is an interesting factor that will play on the future relationship of the main pairing. Good job on this idea.

I think... that should be it for Chapter 31. All in all, it was a good way to conclude JTANB and prepare or set expectations for the next part of the saga. I've read this since it was released, my apologies for not sending out the review sooner, my friend.

It was an amazing adventure to be a part of, buddy. Thank you!
2/27/2015 c32 30Engineer4Ever
Good story, congratz on finishing part 1.
2/16/2015 c32 45Dante 101
I have to say congratulations for finally finishing this story! And I was flattered that you mentioned me on your list of loyal reviewers.
2/15/2015 c31 Dante 101
I know that this is really late, but I had to put in my ten cents into this. Kudos to the characterization of everyone here. Don't worry, I'm not going to say much since the end is just around the corner.

My highlights of this chapter.

Heero & Murrue: I have to say that though they are the main couple are this story, they are not the only couple. Don't get me wrong, I like them and their devotion to one another, but the problem is that they were given too much attention in this chapter. And the other couples in this story were just put to the side.

Huh, celebration party, Hawaiian style! lol.

Okay, when Soran and Aklia Rehema said that they were going to solve Heero's family problem, I really thought that they were going to adopt him right then and there, but instead they proposed to be his godparents instead. It wasn't what I expected, but it was still surprising.

Oh. Lacus won't like if Heero just jumped Kira if he tries another training session like that again? I like to see happen sometime in the future. Could you make that happen please?

Flay and Yzak got together? Wished we got to see that one happening. You know what I mean. Also, I believe that we didn't see Flay's apology to Kira about what happened between them.

Treaty Terms: About Wing Zero... honestly, after the path it carved out in the war, and the firepower riveling that of a nuke it can dish out, is it really that surprising that ZAFT and the EA want it destroyed?

Is it disgusting that the EA won't take responsibility for its part in attacking Orb? Hell, yeah! Though, technically speaking, Lord Uzumi did detonate the Mass Driver and the military-industrial facilities. So the EA is right in a way, as much as I hate to admit it.

I don't know if you know this, but as a kid, Azrael was bullied by Coordinator kids. who showed off their abilities towards him. Demanding to know why he wasn't made a Coordinator, his mother slapped him and said that she would never have her son be an abomination. That could have been the start towards his all-consuming genocidal hatred towards Coordinators.

Copperland: A greedy, conceited, a-hole of a politician. How is that no one can notice his hatred towards coordinators? That should set off some alarm bells. Is there any relation to Joesph Cooperland, the AF president in Destiny?

Djibril: At last, at long last, Lord Djibril makes his long awaited appearance (or reappearance). He really hasn't changed very much has he? He's a persuasive, manipulative and spiteful as ever, flying into violent rages when his plans derail. The only noticeable thing sticking out is how analytical, strategic and tactical he is. A definite way of change that is done much better than in the original series. He's really living up his duel-role here. And do have to point out that Dijbril's suit has purple lining in it (Check his appearance out), he wears purple lipstick (I don't why though, do you know), and he always have a fluffy, black cat with him (Do you think the cat's evil?).

Phantom Commander: Ah, yes. The Mysterious Phantom Commander, as he is called now called Colonel Nazara. Hope he's an enjoyable character in the sequel.

Durandal: The charismatic, intelligent and enigmatic man who is one of the main characters in Destiny, making his appearance. I think his eye colour is more of a golden-brown...

Heero: Once again, we see that analytical and insightful side that has been so detrimental to the 3SA. It was a very impressive analysis; One of his best to date. Still, brooding gains him nothing.

I do wonder what was on that black drive... imagine Shemei having a modified Epyon... gonna have to wait for the sequel to see.

Katherine Ramius: I have to say that bringing Murrue's mother into this was nice touch to the chapter. You did mention that in Chapter 26. The old saying does apply here 'Like Mother like Daughter." And I did like the reunion. The only thing that does bug me a little is her name. Katherine. It reminds me of another Katherine from another show, both brunettes with doe eyes and both beautiful women. But while Murrue's mother is a kind, selfless and gentle soul, the Katherine I know is selfish, manipulative and devious.

The other thing that ticked me off is Murrue's father. One can easily draw the conclusion that he's just an strict,hard-line, embittered man who supports the crusade against Coordinators. I'm glad Katherine left him.

Still, one thing that would have been a cause for concern was Heero and Murrue's relationship. Given the age difference, that would have cause some tension. But Katherine took it in stride and gave her blessing. That's wonderful!

We actually return to AC after so long... all I can say is that "Watch out CE! AC is coming to you."
2/12/2015 c32 Guest
Oh my god! Why must you tease me! Now I'm not going to be able to read other story's cause this one will be on my mind all the time! Please keep up the God like work you've been doing, this is the best story i have every read on this site! Thank you!
2/2/2015 c32 3Sajuuk
hello lol
good chapter
but the gundam wing zero albion is not looking good
the name is near that of the knightmare lancelot albion from code geass R2 so if you have some tech from him like light wings add them later
for example this gundam look to close to only the gundam wing zero EW custom or gundam wing zero kai
i would think that you would have 8 wing like gundam strike freedom
also i was hoping to see some add up like funnel or dragoon to the wing for combact efficiency and other idea like particules for invisibility, jamming, shield, weapons ...
some of the idea from gundam 00, age and build fighter was my idea of upgraded for wing zero new version
so i can't wait to read the next story
i hope to see what the other gundam pilot would do and what you would write after the destiny part
please write soon the first chapter of the next story
1/31/2015 c32 JumpingToaster
Wow. Over a million words... Had fun reading em all!
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