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for Gundam Wing: Journey to a New Battlefield

1/25/2015 c31 fieryfoxpaws
how old is heero here? anyway it;s kinda bugging me since there age different is different on their original series if i remember correctly i just need to know since it;s really been biting my brain and it won't leave me alone.
1/25/2015 c31 3Storylover213
Awesome as always.
1/25/2015 c31 ZeoUnit
Well this was one long journey... And I loved every minute I read it. The story is as always top class with a lot of original stuff and as always done in logical view of events.
The characters are done extremely good to the very end of the first part of the story, you still have Second and third sequel to write but I'm pretty sure you will be on the top level with that. The original characters felt real and not just there to fill the space(or waste it) and had big roll in the story's.

The parts that were never shown in original story you made them feel real and on the mark. Hope you will keep it that was in the second part also.
In the last part seems you will bring more technology from Herro's world. The part where hint you might upgrade Wing Zero got me a bit surprised. I guess upgrading it would be possible at this point but leavening it as it is would make more impact on the characters and world his in now. The very idea that after all that new technology, after all advances they made... Is equal to none as the machine that was by any logic "old technology" compare to new mobile suite that are in development for two years after they made contract with it is still superior is a strong psychological effect on the forces. The Zero at this point has near mystical standing. They were afraid of it to the point they wanted to be sure its no more to even start negotiations. Image the effect if it show again like fenix rising from the ashes of grave unscratched.
Also I notice that you seems to plan to bring some of the "very old friends" to play in Heero's playground.. god help them will be chaos when they finally reunited... If one made so much effect... Well.. Yeah.. The girls will be in overjoyed to see them I guess, that's a nice plus. Hope something came from that.

Either way I'm really looking foreword to see how will story developed from now best wishes and good writing from ZeoUnit

PS: Sorry for not reviewing for a long time but I really didn't have reason to comment on anything besides that everything was done extremely good. So I didn't review chapters. But as you were finishing it soon I had feeling I should. Good luck with second story.
1/24/2015 c31 20Majin Blues
I can't believe it's almost over but at the same time I'm waiting for the sequel. Wonderful addition.
1/24/2015 c31 Strife666
i wonder what kind of clusterfuck will happen if the other gundam pilots joins the war in the destiny arc... i can't wait!
1/24/2015 c31 newreader
Great ending to a Great story. I wonder if Zechs will show up to the party when they leave?
1/23/2015 c31 Guest Q
I KNEW IT! The Cosmic Era barely survived ONE Gundam Pilot. Here's hoping it can survive 6 more! :)
1/23/2015 c31 Raximus
Amazing, can't realy describe the quality of this work but can't think of a better, also keep it up this is amazing2.
1/23/2015 c31 Ryan Freeze
This is the most amazing Gundam story I have ever read! Great OC's, great intageation of Heero and Wing ZERO, amazing detail, all around a perfect story.

I only saw 1 detail wrong about Wing ZERO, it height/weight in comparison to the other machines. ZERO is 16.7 meters tall and weighs 8 metric tons. Gundanium is extremely light weight. Strike and Freedom are taller at 17.72 and 18.03 meters and are much heavier ar 64.8 and 71.5 metric tons. Phase Shift Armor is very heavy, which is why they needed the catapult.

Other than that detail i have no complaints. I can't wait to see how the next war goes with all five of the Operation Meteor pilots, Gundams Custom, and Zech.
1/23/2015 c31 Rydan fall
Very nice chapter, good lenght as well.
If I'm right, then both the Izumo and Archangel classes have a mobile suit bay for eight mobile suits.
It is why I like the Grey Phantom, Troy Horse from 0083 and the Diva from AGE.
I see them as the next direction the Archangel design could have been taken, with a added 16 mobile suit racks thanks to the added two bays in the front legs.

As for the Izumo class, look ad Celestial Being their original two ships in 00.
They need money for the warchest and the two defection fleets their survivers might want better ships as well, when the time comes.
Space Construction and Space Transport might just be the cover they need for this.
That it also earns them money, why, thats a bonus.

Do look up the Izumo her self, thanks to certain war-deals, AF Gundams were assigned to her, with their pilots and should still be there.
Depending on the type of AF Gundam, it might be interesting, who knows, it could be a GAT-X252 Forbidden.
Depending on what for unit you place it on...
Ad to this that the Dominion should have those blueprints as well...

The Wing is coming?
And two Tallgeese III's?
The other four G-pilots?
Basically the whole crew?
O boy, is that second war going to go weird, fast.

Anyway, a very good lenghty chapter, can not wait on your next update.
As for the above, just a possible butterfly they could take
What you do, is up to you.
If I were you, though, then I would equip the Meteors with either Mirrage Clloid or Hyper Jammers.

But on the Blitz her Phase Shift Armor and her Mirrage Colloid, she can not have both running, one is always off.
What is her color when Phase Shift is off?
Was it not a light Grey?
So why are there claims it must have a black surface color to be applied to/on?

It would be great if Heero can get them working on a foundation right from the start.
Gundanium frames with fusion reactors and N-jammer cancellers do make a good mobile suit construction tactic, can even claim it is the frame metal letting the fusion reactor work, so how are we breaking treaties?

Baddess mobile suit there is, Blitz with Strike modifications so it can field the Perfect striker pack.
And all it needs is other shoulders and a new backplate that is striker packs compatible.
You do not see it coming and it is heavily armed for a wide varity of options. (cutting & shooting)
So how old are those Wizard packs ZAFT is using, anyway?

Well, till next time.
1/23/2015 c31 2Mattman324
So I can imagine that Wing Zero is going to be modded into the EW version?

Also ooh shit that ending. Post EW Gundam Boys and the rest of the Preventers in SEED Destiny? This is going to be a bloodbath.
1/23/2015 c31 3zeroblackdragon15
Wow...very impressive way to drop the hammer. I was expecting the rest of the Gundam pilots to show up at some point: the way you're setting it up to occur is a much more organic method of doing so than those of other authors. As for the chapter itself, I have to wonder what plans Heero shared; could it be the plans for the other gundams? Finally, I have to say that this has been a great read; keep it up. Looking forwards to the next chapter, as well as to the sequel!
1/23/2015 c31 6Sajuuk
hello lol
good chapter
please have some datas appear in the next chapter about the upgraded or new gundam created
i hope that all the gundams would be special built and customized for their own pilots with some aces ready to the war - like new armor, weapons, sensor, shield, motors, informatics, stealth...
also i can't wait to see what the gundam pilot from gundam wing would do and what upgraded their own gundam would have - some customs upgraded i hope and ready for some upgraded from the seed universe
please go wild with the futur gundam wing zero upgraded but don't hesitate to destroy gundam wing zero before some upgrade version appear with tech from wing univers, orb, zaft, earth alliance and other groups or nations ! - like the Junk guild or the people who created gundam stargazer
but what i can't wait it is the upgrade to the three ships and the dominion
i hope some new idea and some new tech but please make some new surprises for use reader
i can't wait to see how zaft and the earth alliance would react when gundam wing zero appear a second time with upgraded and new tech
please make it comical and have some people fear it or terrified by it
so continue the good work
and please go wild
p.s : happy new year and good health !
1/23/2015 c31 jack89
dude great story and huge HUGE! Cliff Hanger. i really had a nerd momoment when you hinted that the rest of ac are heading there. it was like seeing the trailer for the next star wars movie trailer for the first time.
1/23/2015 c31 1REVANOFSITHLORD
cheer congrat just 1 more is complete, thanks for update hehehe. i just hope Zechs,Dou,Ufei,Torowa,Quarte not become Gilbert Dulandal pawn
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