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for Gundam Wing: Journey to a New Battlefield

5/29/2018 c15 5TheJSmooth
That... was epic. There are no words for another shining moment from the Gundams, especially Wing Zero.
5/28/2018 c10 TheJSmooth
Fantastic chapter... Heero Yuy you charming devil lol
10/7/2017 c32 Guest
I am satisfied with this, so much anticipation for the second story. All the gundam pilots back together again. Making Cagalli a coordinator, is a great call. I always thought that made more sense.
10/6/2017 c1 12Admiral Larsen
After reading all of this as well as the sequel story that you have thus far, this is an incredible job that you have pulled off. And compared to earlier crossovers particularly of wing with seed, yours is a truly excellent job.

The last time I read an excellent Gundam crossover was many years ago when I read one that combined all of the series together produced up to that point (it had been written about the time Gundam SEED was airing and was in a sense at the height of its power (before the disaster of Destiny).
10/1/2017 c7 Axcel
I don't see why Heero didn't continue picking off landcruisers until they were all gone and then just go out of range of the ground suits and pick them off, too. He clearly showed he can easily do so while dodging the Valkyries and return fire. You did not give him a reason not to do this.
10/1/2017 c7 Axcel
You forgot that only the PLANTs waaay off at the extreme range of Earth's gravity well are not part of the Earth Federation. The Federation has many, many colonies of its own. In fact, the colonies of After Colony are close enough to Earth they probably would be Federation colonies.
9/28/2017 c16 Guest
The only thing I would add are some kind of markers numerical or otherwise, when writing long chapters like this. It will make it easier for those that have short attention spans to find their place better if they close the window to take a break, or whatever causes them to lose their spot.
9/27/2017 c13 Guest
Brah I'm loving what you've done with this as of chapter 13. The new scenes along with the new charaters are just enough to leave mystery to as how the original battles may play out. I definitely like you delving into the side charaters stories more, giving us a better view of it. Everything new that you've implemented are totally plausible, and not outside of what those charaters may have or may not have done.
9/25/2017 c8 Guest
I'm so envious of your writing ability. It's not bogged down with too many words, and you paint such a nice picture with the words you do use. The way you worded the recollection of Heero's memory made me choke up a little. As much as I'm on board with the Murrue/Heero pairing, I secretly harbor a desire to see a Sheimei/Heero pairing now lol. Gotta love the pairings with onee-sans.
7/14/2017 c32 34Nanya
BOY that was a LONG one.

I ended up having to skim a lot of stuff because it was getting redundant. Many times you were simply re-stating what we had read before not more than a couple pages up or a chapter back.

Something you could have worked on to stream-line the whole thing.

Still, over-all, not bad. Over-all, enjoyable, and you fixed one of the things I *HATED* about Seed, namely Flay's death.

While she didn't end up with Kira (I ship her with Kira super hard) at least she got to survive.

Though, I notice you didn't have the reconciliation between the two of them happen. Even though it would've gone nowhere, it would've been nice to have it happen just so that it wouldn't be a loose end. Honestly, I could see them hugging and crying over finally seeing each other again. Even if they found someone else, they still care about each other deeply.

Love isn't always romantic after all.
6/9/2017 c12 Felon GT
These OC squadrons are a good idea. As long as they got the same command structure, mobile suit models, weapons etc... from the series. Nothing random made up. Good work
6/7/2017 c9 Felon GT
Jesus. I'm on chapter 10. And that took me 2 weeks. I got a job so. You can inderstand I can't do all day
5/31/2017 c6 Felon GT
Story is great. But I feel Heero is being a bit of a showoff in purpose. Not in battles but of him talking. Plus other character interactions towards heero such as Natarle Badgiruel when heero first showed up the first time. Like pressing on hard questions to heero. Having doubts and not trusting the pilot. I'm still early in the reading. Plus flay being mad at him but not seeing her mad at Kira because that's her personality in a distraught state. I'll still read it. Just hope you didnt push Kira out completely. He's as important as Heero. Love Heero retelling his story of his world
4/17/2017 c32 Guest
Just power read all this one. And hoooooooly shit. Heero finally got laid. Only took him to go to another dimension to get some.

Past that there is one thing that I noticed that can be improved upon. Not a bad thing. It's just that you seem to go into detail of every thing happening at every moment. It slows the flow of the story. And there we are! See not so bad.

Now all we need is treize in the mix and we've a whole new level of awesome.
3/14/2017 c26 Dark Durian
Dammit. So close, but Kira's reluctance to kill had major consequences here. Now Shinn is as full of hate and rage as he is in canon, perhaps moreso with Freedom being the focus of his negative emotions, I wonder if you'll show where Shinn will go from here, considering there are so few chapters left? Hopefully those bastard nobles will be outed and tried for their crimes.
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