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for Gundam Wing: Journey to a New Battlefield

3/13/2017 c25 Dark Durian
Looks like Talia and her crew live to see another day though unfortunately Galm team got away as well. Azrael is becoming even more of a disgusting monster with the now planned genocide of Orb colonies, I hope he'll be gravely injured somehow during his attempt.
3/12/2017 c24 Dark Durian
Really, really Awesome battle scenes and I'm very glad that those two psycho's were offed this early! Though, I was like 'F ck!' when Flay was taken, I was seriously hoping Heero's presence would of made a difference here but I guess not.
3/2/2017 c10 someone
the battles are good,but,really,wing zero is nerfed here.
zero was able to take down 40 virgos before they could rearch a shuttle, there is no way 36 GINNs could hold it that long,note that virgos are far away superior to GINNs.
2/27/2017 c32 Blake2020
Amazing story now on to the sequel of Gundam and waited until Pirate's Solder is Updated as well.
2/27/2017 c31 Blake2020
Very amazing
2/27/2017 c30 Blake2020
2/27/2017 c29 Blake2020
2/27/2017 c28 Blake2020
2/27/2017 c27 Blake2020
2/27/2017 c26 Blake2020
2/27/2017 c25 Blake2020
2/27/2017 c24 Blake2020
Thrilling chapter
2/27/2017 c23 Blake2020
Very good
2/27/2017 c22 Blake2020
Epic chapter and Heero have his final rematch with shemei and those Zaft girls maybe Zechs will come to this world like heero did someday?
2/27/2017 c21 Blake2020
Great and great rescues as well and shemei parents are now rescues as well.
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