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for Fate Klaine x

1/7/2013 c9 13VoyageAsia
I loved the story and how you created the song during the chapters. The YouTube video was great and I loved the song. You have a lot of talent girl!
2/16/2012 c1 Miss Invernal
12/18/2011 c7 fightingthestormxx
I really like the lyrics you wrote!
11/11/2011 c7 21SuseCutesy89
omg. i dont normally commented on finished fics until the very end. but i had to say, the lyrics coming in spurts didnt sound right, but when you put them together, they sounded amazing. i could totally hear the lyrics to music. amazing!
9/19/2011 c11 1Maggie Silverston
I love this story and the fact that you put the song on youtube is inspired. I love this song too. You are a really singer. This song should be on the radio.
8/26/2011 c11 8KatyObsesses
Link not working :S
7/23/2011 c2 8MusicalEscape
Kurt Hummel IS perfect- don't try to say otherwise, because he'll get his bitch glare out.

Ah, the paparazzi. Crazy people they can be- I read a story that one once rigged a camera in a celeb's bathroom or something. But still, it's their job. But sometimes, it's so overwhelming... or at least, I would imagine it would be.
7/23/2011 c1 MusicalEscape
Reading this for the 3rd time! I love this story- klaine in the big life! Pavarotti! :D
6/24/2011 c10 3Glee-aholic
6/24/2011 c7 Glee-aholic
6/24/2011 c5 Glee-aholic
When I'm reading this fic my dad keeps asking me if I'm alright because all I can do when reading this fic is giggle, say aww, and squeal.
6/24/2011 c4 Glee-aholic
Hilarious, awesome, Klaine, sweet and the best fix ever! love this!
6/24/2011 c2 Glee-aholic
Oh gosh am I really replying again? YES! how can I not? I just wanted to say again that I love this story!
6/24/2011 c1 Glee-aholic
Oh. My. Gosh. This is such a good story and I've only read 1 chapter and I'm already in a head over heals non-stop reading phase! Absolutely genius!
6/16/2011 c10 oliviaoblivious
Ooh I'd love for you to put the song up on youtube. The lyrics were beautiful and it'd be nice to have some music to go with them!
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