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2/26 c1 Frog
Cute ;)
12/10/2018 c1 BorderLand
Any girl that can live through that hell for six thousand years and remain sane is strong enough to make Ichigo fall for her.
10/14/2017 c1 1mtnikolle
I really enjoy reading this story. All your stories, really. I hope all is well in your world :)
5/23/2017 c1 8kitkat113
I can't say enough how much I loved this story. This is prob the best Inu/bleach crossover I've read. The story was well told aside from a few grammatical errors or typos. You really showed their relationship develop believably and I loved there dialog after kagome woke up. I know you said you won't be continuing but you def left me wanting more. I'll def be checking out your other stories and keeping an eye out in case you decide to write another story for this pairing. Thanks again for sharing a great story.
10/7/2016 c1 Wicked.Onna
your so mean couldn't you do just like a epilogue I mean I'm about to cry and I'm on my knees begging please
12/15/2015 c1 18CallaRose4ever
I loved this story too! I stayed up until 4 am reading it. ugg I need sleep now. but it was really sweet.
8/31/2015 c1 1DesolateFox
Why no sequel this was such a good story/one-shot ~ i really liked uour story
6/19/2014 c1 NamiKawaiiNeko
Longest one-shot I have ever read.
3/10/2014 c1 XMugen-GetsugaX
i've read this one multiple times already and i have to say this is AWESOME! everytime i feel the urge to reread something this is on my list _
inuyasha you're a jerk
10/25/2013 c1 Guest
I love this story! Every so often I get the urge to read this, and every time I remember why I love it so much. I think it's wonderful that Kagome is the beast, and Atsushi and Hisoka make them wear rediculous clothes. It's a wonderful piece of work.
9/18/2013 c1 MusicJustBeLikeThat
9/7/2013 c1 Guest
Loved it!
11/28/2012 c1 Jayne
loved it but there were a few writing mistakes hope you fix those it was a good story loved that you had kagome as the "beast"
11/24/2012 c1 4VirusYoukaiChild
This story is soo cute! I love it! If there was possibility of a anime crossover like Sket Dance and Gintama, I would totally root for one like Bleach and Inuyasha. You are a brilliant writer, the story had great imagery as well description, though... there were some grammatical errors here and there. As much as I yearn to see a continuation of this story, I believe this story needs like... a motion picture of some kind or something or a comic with a musical soundtrack! I don't know. It feels so much like a movie to me. I truly freaked when I read Ichigo disappearing from the "limbo" realm and reappearing in the real realm. I was like, "YOU LEFT KAGOME THERE TO DIE!" But then seeing his conviction for the little time traveller, I calmed down. I like how this story didn't end with a kiss. Though a kiss is quite epic, I think it would have made this serious story really sappy. And Kagome and Ichigo are not the sappy type in my book.
Anywho, I'm so excited to say, how glad I am to have read this story. Continue writing awesomeness!
8/25/2012 c1 Ayakashi
This was a really good story, you took the idea of Beauty and The Beast without copying it like other writers do. I think you brought Inuyasha and Bleach together perfectly.
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