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6/15 c3 136rebecca-in-blue
Harry was canonically 14 during the triwizard tournament. Did you age him up to legal age for this story, and I missed it? Because if not, the sexual innuendos that Urusula and Mim both make about him are pretty disgusting. They are adults preying on a child, and Mary Poppins is grooming him by allowing them access to him. This story has done a lot to examine Dumbledore's flaws in overseeing Harry, like letting him live with the Dursleys and not sufficiently protecting him at Hogwarts... but I feel like that's all pretty pointless if the story then expects us to find it funny that adults want to take advantage of him sexually. Is that supposed to be better than how Dumbledore treated him? I also feel like your personal dislike for Ron and Hermione is really showing too much; I can get not liking them, but now I'm honestly just waiting for Ron to be slowly killed in front of a cheering crowd.
6/8 c2 rebecca-in-blue
Man, I was so surprised to see Maleficent show up for this task. I was a little wary at first, because she really scared me as a kid, but I think you write her well, and of course she was perfect to prepare Harry for this task. I loved the scene of her and Mary Poppins together, being so calm and cool with their barbs while Snape turned green. The Ron pile-on felt pretty mean, though, especially since he doesn't even talk much in this chapter, but the twins have a long bit of dialogue insulting him that apparently Harry loves so much he's moved to tears over it? I'm curious to see what crossover teacher will show up for the next task.
6/3 c1 rebecca-in-blue
There is such a lot to digest in this first chapter, but I'm already really loving it. Snape butting heads with Moody and getting put into his place by Mary Poppins were both so much fun. I'm also intrigued by the grander takedown of Dumbledore that seems to be unfolding, with him even tampering with the Potters' will and imprisoning Sirius illegally. Harry looks like he's in for a much brighter future in this story, and I like all the help Neville is giving him, but I hope he can still be friends with Ron and Hermione, too. I don't think this chapter is entirely fair to them.
5/24 c4 Mr. S
Mí fic favorito de Harry Potter/Disney hasta ahora!
Felicitaciones ;)
4/10 c5 Osmodious
Fun story! I would have liked a bit more details of the training and schooling Harry received, but that’s just because I love the way you’ve written the interplay between Harry and his instructors. Thanks for posting!
4/5 c4 Dana Michelle Cooper
I so love this .you might have made a new crossover fanfiction addiction
3/20 c2 Hellboybu
harry is gay... a warning would be nice..
1/11 c1 1nathalieismyfave
I am so not totally addicted to this story.
1/6 c1 Xiard Vron
I am rereading this story again and am thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with all of us.
12/30/2020 c6 5FlowerChild23
This was hilarious. I loved it. Mad Madam Mimm is my favorite villain from Disney!
12/11/2020 c4 fantasyinmymind
This a great story! :) Loved Harry's teachers and his date for the Yule Ball.
11/14/2020 c6 PromiseMeSomeday
Thanks for writing!
9/30/2020 c4 Ariadne Venegas
I live in Chile and there are only some small cities and a lot of lambs in Tierra del fuego! Really! There are no cannibals not any in the island of Robinson Crusoe also which is part of Chile

But I lives in far south in Coyhaique and there was dark witchcraft for sure. A teacher friend of my mother finally died after her family was cursed. My family and theirs coming from the capital and other country didn’t believe at first. But they were robbed their house was cut on fire and finally she suddenly died. More bad thing happened. Even our house was burned. So we left for the capital again.
8/17/2020 c1 kimjo2
I love this story! Great characterization and plotting. Thanks so much
7/20/2020 c4 2femPortugal
This was so lovely!
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