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11/21/2011 c5 TheDemensionBender
...I love you.

OMG I love the song I can't decide. I LOVE SCISSOR SISTERS! And that's weird coming from a chick who eats way too much candy and is an anime nerd. Also, I love how you used Anything you can do. It reminds me of an Envy and Greed video on You tube~ UND MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE? OH MEIN GOTT!

...*kneels on one knee* Will You be the Germany to my Italy? The Alfred to my Arthur? THE PRUSSIA TO MY CANADA?

Ur, sorry for any Hetalia references used. I am a total APH fangirl XP

On another note.

Become one with Russia, Da? ^J^






England looks dead sexy in a miniskirt!

And last but not least:

Bow ties are cool~! (DOCTOR WHO ALL THE WAYYYYY)
11/20/2011 c1 49PumpkinView
10/25/2011 c6 2Pliffy
This was cool and I like Nix I would actully really love to see The Doctor under a love spell it would be awesome to see him all

fake lovey drovy. Mind if I my own idea of Doctor Who and AT? Well it can't wait to the end of the review cuz I got a thought that

actually has to do with your story and not my mind. I would have liked to see The Doctor tell Rory Finn and Jake to remember their real lovers. So their sing about them mayba using a real song

that you think tells the relationship between Amy and Rory Finn and Bubblegum and Jake and Lady.

Now my own

1.I think Finn would be friends with The Doctor(which he is in this story) cuz you know The Doctor is. But also may somewhat

look up to him hey Finn LOVES good and HATES villains fears The Doctor Finn may found that awesome. Though Billy is Finn

favorite hero so The Doctor may not get up there for two reasons. First The Doctor does not like fighting and he only

fights if he has to Finn LOVES fighting doesn't see anything wrong with it. Well The Doctor does and tries to talk to the

monster. That and The Doctor has a lot of darkness in his soul.

2.Much like above I think Finn would HATE Daleks they are known as the most evil thing in the universe I also think Princess would to they may kill one of her candy people.

3.Don't you think The Doctor must be a little bit sad on the humans possible states in in AT. I know it's not real in his universe but humans are his favorite.
7/30/2011 c6 dOcTeRlOvEr-ArTeMiSlOvEr
It's over? *sniffle* I liked this fanfiction, it stayed in character and solved some predicaments in the real AT. Very smart and clever. Now that I've said that, I can say this: Pleeeeaaase make a sequel! This deserves a sequel! Especially since Nix is alive. Please! Okay, I'm done. Keep writing:D
7/30/2011 c6 Someone Who Wants a Fez
It's over? Awwwww. But at least the ending was nice. I love it when the Doctor finds loopholes, don't you? Well, I hope there will be a sequel someday and I'll keep looking.

This was a great story! Love the songs!

7/25/2011 c5 71ADdude
Ok to respond to review for the last chapter: thanks first off, second the Doctor songs tend to be more playful than compared to Nix who for the most part tend to be more hardcore, I wanted that distinction. Third the Doctor has been stated to like musicals, it as said by one of the dancers in Daleks in Manhattan that the quote Marceline is unaware quoting. Plus the Doctor has sang musicals before he did I could have danced all night before plus I thought it was funny. Not song won't be a musical anyway.
7/21/2011 c5 Someone Who Wants a Fez
Only one chapter left? NO! But I really like this and it's really interesting! How are you going to wrap this all up that quickly? Make a sequel! Make this longer! Just don't let this die alone!

Okay, now that my rant's over, let's get into the chapter review!

I love and hate the fact that the Doctor is now controlled by Nix. (I love it because it really puts a twist on the story and doesn't make the Doctor invincible. It's also interesting seeing him like this, not in control, but in control at the same time. By that, I mean, it's not like the times when 10 was controlled and couldn't do anything himeself. 11 can still move and think rationally by himself, but just wants to do what Nix tells him. But I also hate this because the Doctor's been got! It's every fan's worse nightmare (that they secretly love with a passion): the Doctor is now a follower.)

Songs. Yes, you've got to love a classic song that everyone knows and sings. Anything You Can Do (like Don't Stop Believing) is one of those songs. I Can't Decide (your excerpt, anyway) fits what's happening pretty perfectly. Same with AYCD (too lazy to spell it all out again), Na Na Na, and Master of the House. I like how Master of the House shows that the the Doctor is calling her by his impression of her, but then the song progress to Nix's impression of the Doctor. It's also a good transition into the Doctor losing his will. (I absolutely LOVE Les Mis. Glad you used it.) By the way, why are all of the Doctor's songs from musicals (as Marceline pointed out)? They make him seem slightly gay (again, as Marceline pointed out).

It's brilliant, I think, that our main guys do nothing for Nix or the girls at the end. They're just standing there, watching what's going on, and commenting like it's a movie or tv show.

Keep writing! Maybe a sequel? *wink wink nudge nudge*


*Love the music video for Na Na Na. It's so...creative.*

**Where's Beemo? He's awesome. Just saying.**
7/19/2011 c5 dOcTeRlOvEr-ArTeMiSlOvEr
Oh my God! This was brilliant!(Imagine that said with a horrible british accent) All the songs, so hilarious! And Nix singing Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance! I love that song! This is just so funny, my favorite story. Keep up the good work, and keep updating:D.
6/23/2011 c4 Someone Who Wants a Fez
Hello! You're back! YAY! DoctorLover is here! Yay. We both read this and laughed out loud! Haha! I Feel Pretty. Why THAT SONG? Brilliant choice by the way. Evil cliffie at the end! What's with you and cliffies? They're so annoyingly genius!UGH!

Keep writing! Get rid of writer's block!


*BTW: Maneater is a BEAST! I LOVE that song!*

Hey! DoctorLover here! SWWAF was right about the laugh out loud part. I literally was ROFL. (SWWAF: She really was. It was hilarious.) I Feel Pretty? I can imagine the Doctor singing that, in Adventure Time style, while surrounded by candy people, among other things. And the cliffie! So mean, mou. Please update soon!:D
6/13/2011 c3 ADdude
To Wants a Fez:

Okay the whole weird paring was just me being unclear. I meant I wanted a picture of Amy on Lady racing Rory on Jake. As for the Nix thing, I named her after a German folklore dragon shape shifter so I don't know coincidence you decide. Octagon issue is pretty much like you said.
6/13/2011 c3 Someone Who Wants a Fez
I like this chapter a lot. I searched up the name Nix for no particular reason, and I found out that "nix" means be careful or watch out. I'm not sure if you meant for that to happen or if it was just a coincidence, but that's pretty cool.

I think it's pretty cool that the Doctor's able to fight off Nix's mental attack, since he's got mighty psychic and telepathic powers. Will the sonic's sounds cancel out Nix's voice? Oh, is this sort of the octogon: that all the men (except the Doctor) are in love with Nix, the women, respectively, love the men, and Nix loves herself? Or does it get more complicated?


*I am pretty good at drawing, but I don't really understand the thought of those pairings you want (the thought's kind of disturbing) and I don't know how to put things on the internet. But I did draw the Doctor and Amy in Adventure Time style. They really look like they could be in the show.*
6/3/2011 c2 Someone Who Wants a Fez
ADdude-Is a love octogon even possible? And 37.5% right and 62.5% wrong. I can live with that.

DoctorLover-(You know I'm not gonna do all that letter switching, and Ikuto, really?) I'm glad someone agrees with me!

Sorry, back on topic, ADdude, I can't wait for you to update! I've been checking almost daily waiting for the new chapter!

Keep it up!

6/2/2011 c2 dOcTeRlOvEr-ArTeMiSlOvEr
Yay! I love this story! Especially the bow tie scene. It's so what the Doctor would say. Please update soon! Oh, and hi Wants a Fez! I totally agree with Jake and the Doctor having a plan to bring Finn and PB together. That would be so cool.
5/28/2011 c2 ADdude
to Wants a Fez

I checked you're guesses 25% right, 50% wrong, 25% not sure how to say it cause it right and wrong. Also it's apparently a love octagon if my math is right. Thanks for the review!
5/28/2011 c2 Someone Who Wants a Fez
Haha! It's still so funny and great. I see the Doctor still loves licking different things to tell what they're made of and how old they are. PB and Finn would make a cute couple, but more so after PB was possessed and ended up being 13.

Let me guess: the penguin is Gunther, the most evil thing Marceline's dad has ever seen, Ice King's gonna be confused about the Doctor and possibly beaten by him and/or Finn, and Finn likes PB while PB likes the Doctor since he's all mysterious while the Doctor realizes nothing (couldn't think of anything else for the Love Triangle and/or other shapes). I have no idea that the Doctor and Jake even had a plan, but I wonder if it's about getting Finn and PB together ("Lady asked 'Did you two just trade knowing looks?' 'No!' Jake protested pointing at the Doctor 'Bow tie wearing Alien!' 'Talking Dog!' The Doctor retorted in kind. There was silence until the Princess gave a flat 'What?' 'Never mind that.'" That scene is one of my favorites of the chapter, that and Peppermint Butler's bow tie scene. Very epic.)

Keep it up!

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