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9/17/2022 c1 user
woah a merman?
6/28/2022 c25 5Demigod24
THIS IS SO GOOD! You Are An Ama-ZANG Writer! This Story Has Kept Me Going. I Love How You Portrayed Triton! It Just Made The Story Funnier!
5/4/2022 c3 birdgirl
hello this is my fav fanfic i've read it 3 times alredy!
3/29/2021 c6 Morgan Brooksfie
Loved that chapter. Btw I'm on Wattpad too!
2/16/2021 c16 Guest

duh duh duuuh
2/16/2021 c11 Guest

did they ? did they ?
2/16/2021 c7 Guest
? things
1 sweeeet ur on wattpad too :)
2:sweeet uv whatched last airbender too :)
2/16/2021 c6 Guest
uhhh whaaaaa huh?

also how would they even "seal the bond" with fish tials?
2/16/2021 c5 Guest

first, he saves her from drowning and she becomes his servent
then she cant leav to be with him so he gives up his tail

why cant the storys be niice
2/16/2021 c3 Guest
where is the real annabeth though ?
11/10/2020 c25 PBNJ
That was a GREAT story, I hope you write more like it
10/25/2020 c25 Guest
This was such an amazing story:)
10/23/2020 c2 1DDLynn21
Please do make that story. Oh my gosh, I can just imagine...
Hat: "Hey there handsome, you're looking sharp today."
Riptide: "I'd say the same...but I can't see you."
Don't you love bad puns. :D
10/3/2020 c25 PBNJ
Great story! I liked it immensely! (as in it is one of my faves)
7/11/2020 c25 3PercabethFL26
you should read this while listening to Phoenix (by Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza) on low.
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