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for The World According To Haymitch Albernathy

9/9/2012 c1 1krotoxo
Gilligin XD
dat was funny :3
7/23/2012 c1 1moonlight goose
lol, Haymitch and his pet butterfly made me smile.
6/2/2012 c1 2peeta.mellark1
That is hilarious! i love it. You should make a longer story!

BTW Haymitch is funny:)
3/25/2012 c1 25greenkittycat
:D I like Haymitch's world. I think I shall live.in it with him and Gilligan the butterfly.
3/23/2012 c1 1airwad

i loved that!
1/12/2012 c1 tawnyangel
(1) I'm to lazy (like Haymitch) to log in. But you can look me up. ;0

(2) I love Haymitch! And I was wondering if I could use this idea for a chapter story? I would really appreciate it.

(3) the grammar/ spelling are good. Well I actually can't tell ya 'bout spelling. But the grammer's good.

Pm me,

11/15/2011 c1 2TheCruciatus
Write more xD I seriously cannot wait for the next chapter. This is just too funny xDDD
8/5/2011 c1 Paula Edith Perry
A book, please! With more Gilligan! Yay for butterflies :)
6/19/2011 c1 5thatgirltasha2
Hahaha... You should write a book! This is really good! Hahaha.. (still laughing) :D
5/26/2011 c1 39MirroringShadows
Haymitch's drunken mind was highly amusing. The only thing that threw me off were the grammatical errors. Otherwise, I liked it quite a bit.
5/24/2011 c1 47DobbyLovesSocks
That is absolutely positively HILARIOUS! my friend emailed me the link to your story, and i am SO glad she did! that is amazingly funny.

A. W. E. S. O. M. E. N. E. S. S!
5/24/2011 c1 Dobby's Reincarnation
HAHAHA! LOL! Total hilarity! Love the idea, and the FUNNY-NESS!
5/17/2011 c1 2Oobay
OMG that's hallarious! I freekin LOVE haymitch! Hahhahaha
5/17/2011 c1 29Howlynn
wasnt it hay's game that had the evil biting butterfly's - i don't see whay he'd like them and if it was meant sarcasticly - it doesn't come across well. ramp it up a bit to make it more Hay. Also the government fell and It has changed the whole world - but the twinky factory survived? and how do you break a door bell -with a twinky? You have a good story started - you just have some fact check things that sort of shift the final impression off a bit. Thanks for sharing.
5/16/2011 c1 Fandomfangirlno1
that was awesome. hahaha!
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