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for Faith, Part II: Forgiveness

10/23/2011 c5 knightstar4
Wow, a gut wrenching end. Very well done.
10/26/2008 c1 17miarath
Great first chapter so far. Like the way you wrote Bashir and all the others. :D
3/14/2006 c1 Beth
Somewhere in reading the first third of this story I thought, "I must send this author a review - I haven't read any fanfiction quite like this before!" And the thought reoccured every 20 minutes or so as I read. One usually peruses the fanfiction network for a laugh, or out of late night boredom; but one never expects to find quality amidst the reams of slash and grammatical errors. Here it is - shocking: quality.

I haven't finished the story yet, but after the devistating implication of eternal dying that came with the character Mtingwa, I could wait no longer to send my compliments (awe?) to the the author. That being said, I wonder - do you have any original fiction? I'd ache to get my hands on it!

Respond if you will - but either way, thanks for the story,

5/1/2005 c1 27RavenDove
This is very powerfuly written like the rest of your work. It yanks the reader in by the nose, and doesn't let go. I just wish that you had seperated out the chapters so that it would be easier to find my place again when I was forced to leave my computer.

Lyda Mae (RavenDove) Huff
8/8/2004 c1 Goti-chan
oh my god, it's better than the first part. heading on to the third, it's wondeful, angsty and gorgeous. don't stop.
1/12/2004 c1 c
you are an incredible talented writer. just found your page and was up until 5 am reading your back-in-time ds9 tale! and in 'if it's not one thing' i was crying in the infirmary with julian and grant. just beatiful work. will there be a 'faith 3'? please!
10/22/2003 c1 3Karensff

Another great story. My heart really went out to Bashir. Reading this it almost seems as though the series hasn't ended. Eve better than that though this goes into things that the tv series left out. Such as the changes in Sisko and Bashirs reaction to it. Brilliant! I'm off now to read your other work until you are finished with part three.

10/10/2003 c1 K2
Wow... this is simply superb - an excellent story, whose conclusion I will be eagerly waiting for...
10/8/2003 c1 TrekFan
What an awesome story. I love Gabrielle Lawson's work. If you haven't read her other stories you should give them a look. I hope she continues with other series like this one!
6/25/2003 c1 Karola
I read this story some time ago and really loved it (like your other stories)!

But please continue! I'm waiting and I'm sure many others are too.
3/9/2003 c1 Drake
reply to previous parts aswell.

Good fic, only one bad thing. You should have put in a small summary or explanation of the Nazi thing, instead of just saying refer to other stories.. which are a couple hundred pages by the way. Oh well, still liked this fic even though some parts didn't make any sense at all cause of not having read that fic.

"We know he hid his enhancements for several decades. Was he closed off, unapproachable?"

Several decades? What? So he's like 70 something? Huh? How long was he held prisoner for?

Yeah! Bashir you clever bastard! *g* He wanted his original clothes for a reason. :)

Why's Riker being such a cow? Is it the simple fact that he doesn't like enhanced humans?

I think that Sisko was right to be angry with the way Garak brought the Romulan's into the war,

and he was also right not to say anything. It needed to be done.

And bloody hell, you seem to really love battering poor old Julian. Sending him to a Nazi camp, having him

tortured. then this as well? Damn. Is that a woman thing? Like seeing characters they like beaten, so they

can think up ways to help him 'get better?' Alot of women seemed to do it for Daniel Jackson in Stargate

SG-1 fanfiction. *g* But hey alot of great fics come out of it so I can't complain. :)

Is Riker a changeling? Or a clone maybe? He wasn't that hateful, even with that Borg; Hugh.

Lol, those three nutters solved the Dilithium thing. *g* I could see Jack being a Khan type character, except

a little more batty.

Don't totally agree with what Bashir said to Sisko. He's a soldier. Part of Starfleet, which means doing

things that he sometimes has no choice in. The Section 31 thing was a part of that. If he really did object

to it, he could of found some way not to do it. In the end it was his choice.

Cool for Will. I knew he'd come round in the end. Just takes him a while sometimes. :)

What order are these fic's supposed to be in? I see you've also included that one where he went retarded

in here too. I mean, Damn! Poor freaking bastard. He must be 'the' most unluckiest s.o.b. in the whole


Does Sloan know what happened to him when he went back in time? He must understand that an

experience like that would have a profound effect on anyone.

Even his room mate killing thing? My god. It's a wonder he hasn't given himself a good old dose of

phaser to the head. In a way I suppose that show's his strength of character.

And damn again, he really is a smart s.o.b. Memorising circuits, taking them apart, etc.

Some people might call him being paranoid and it not being healthy. Him making his surroundings on the

station so secure. But I don't think it is. I think it's just being smart.

Apart from how they treated him cause of his enhancements, you gotta love the respect and loyalty, caring

nature people have in the Star Trek Universe. Just so good.

But that time after Adigeon Prime was different. He was happy then,

happy to be recovered, to be home. Now happy was a foreign thing,

something other people-blissfully unaware other people-felt. What

he felt this time was that same energy pricking at the back of his neck.

After everything he's been through this describes it perfectly IMO.

Ezri hated when he called himself that. The others, Jack and

Patrick, had called themselves that with pride.

Lol, it's true though, them maybe not so much, but he is.

So his mind seems to be working on overtime. Maybe it's cause he's used it so much, trained his mind so

much, things just come even easier to him than before? Wouldn't be such a bad thing. But I guess if all he

wants to be is normal. as he was, I'm not really suprised.

And now we're seeing his real feelings, how he's pushing to keep going. More like it, considering everything

he's been through.

Hmm. wonder why that freakshow ghost thing is making Kira see what Bashir did to that conduit.

Wow. phase girl survived. I really liked how Julian was there for her. Comforting her. But she's stuck in

a loop? She'll remember each time? Damn, she'll go crazy.

Wonder if him and Ezri will ever get it on. But what a bitch! He told her the only happiness he has is when

he's in the Infirmiry and she takes that away from him. Total cow.

Damn! He got rid of the Sloan thingy. Huh, guess he's just going to accept it now. He's just accept it.

Come what may and all that. Hmm. And there Sisko is not even with the thought in his mind that Julian

would even think of quitting.

Sisko was acting strangely and Bashir just

didn't understand it. He shook his head as he

backed away toward the shuttle. "Then you're

a fool."

Ezri ran forward at the last moment. "No!" she

shouted, but it was too late. Bashir stepped

through the door onto the shuttle and the door


Damn girl, you can't leave me hanging like that. damn. Very cool so far. Passionate, angst, pain, sadness,

worry, all of those and more describe this fic. Is he going to Earth? To his family? His sister?

I hope to God! That you finish this wonderful series some day.
1/6/2003 c1 14Meghan Elizabeth
Thought I'd leave you a review here too. Wonderful as usual (and painful as well).
10/24/2002 c1 Guest
The second part to Faith was even more riveting than the first. The despair and anguish Bashir was attempting to cope with were overwelming. Gabrielle had drawn me in as if this was a close person to me experiencing this. I was in tears by the end. Is there more? What happens to Bashir?

Gabrielle has an intense flair for bringing these well known chars to life, as we would expect them to play out on screen. But she goes beyond as well to reach the real human depths.
10/23/2002 c1 Guest
I've really enjoyed the first two parts of this story. There must be at least a part III, and I certainly hope it's coming soon.
4/30/2002 c1 1Padfoot's Bone
Oh wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. I was so afraid this story wouldn't get updated, thank you so very very much! That was superb, as usual. But now there's a cliffhanger! Gaaahh! Ah well, it'll give me something else to look forward to this year. Can't wait for the next part!
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