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for Star Wars the Clone Wars: Planet Serpents

5/21/2011 c4 5Alpha545
So they're stuck, eh?, this is not looking to good for our heroes, can't wait to read the next chap!
5/21/2011 c3 Alpha545
Aw, this is good, really interesting, thank you!
5/21/2011 c2 Alpha545
Iteresting, looking forward to what will follow...
5/21/2011 c1 Alpha545
No one ever said prologues were supposed to be short, and this one was a great one, please continue!
5/20/2011 c1 Wolf
Sorry about last one a little technical difficulties

anyways if question 1 is yes and questions 2 and 3 are no, will there be a third story in this series or will you continue warriors of the force?
5/20/2011 c5 Wolf
Story is going great

Didn't expect Eric to be the bad guy, he kinda like a dr Rolland Kane jr.

And 4 questions:

1) is Jyun really going to turn himself in?

2) Will the Jedi council and/or Skywalker find out about him and Ahsoka?

3) will Jyun get killed?

4) if 1 is yes and 2 and 3 are no
5/19/2011 c4 Wolf
Almost forgot guess who my brother-in-law's friend knows and is good friends with:


I am serious!
5/19/2011 c4 Wolf

Excellent clifhanger

plus didn't know about the review thing thanks

plus you said a certain predator may or will come

was that Jyun or an actual predator I'm confused
5/19/2011 c4 20General Maraxus
Five hour countdown. Survive that long and you get a ticket out. Good luck everyone :)
5/18/2011 c3 wolf

When is next chapter

Please bring in predators and a predalien
5/18/2011 c3 General Maraxus
Okay, here is the new order. All clones, Jedi, Jyun get back to the ship. AND BLOW THE PLACE TO KINGDOM COME!
5/17/2011 c2 70AVP5
To wolf the next one will be out soon just need to work on the other chapters for this one so please be patient.

And as for the predators and predalien like I said before just continue reading and you will find out.
5/17/2011 c2 wolf
Nice chapter

When is the next

Plus will there be predators and a predalien
5/17/2011 c2 20General Maraxus
I. HATE. Facehuggers. (Shudder)
5/16/2011 c1 70AVP5
To wolf:

To answer your questions in the following way you asked them.

Originally no the aliens were not going to be in the sequel but i decided after not getting anywhere with the original sequel that i decided to get rid of it and go with this idea for the sequel.

As for the predators well a certain predator may or will show up but i wont say if it will happen.

A predalien...where there will be something but you will need to find out till the end.

And as for the predator and predalien...like i said you will find out at the end of the story.

Well maybe i will change the rate but it depends on what i write.

Thanks for the review.
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