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for Dreams and Darkness Collide

10/5 c30 Guest
I still remain and loyally await the next chapter!
9/29 c1 boo
sooo good
9/18 c28 ICantFindAFreeName
The deleted lemon can be found on AO3. Link;


I don't know if the author plans on deleting the lemon from there a well, but here you go!
8/19 c1 vickyvvphan
Great way to start the story and I’m excited, but I’m sorry if you didn’t catch the mistake of using humility instead of humiliation. Great story and I like how its going so far! C:
7/6 c30 jesuisabhipsa
Ah... beautiful...truly
5/27 c30 Tyler
Story is incredibly good, cant wait for eventual update
5/12 c30 Quine
I absolutely adored this fic! I loved Serial Killer Harry, especially his dynamic with Tom Riddle. The plot was very intricate and I really liked Kingsley as an opposing force. While reading i couldn't help but be reminded of Hannibal (TV) from time to time. The manipulations, the mindgames and the relationship they have. As it's one of my fav shows, you can imagine that I adored all of these aspects in this fic as well.
4/24 c30 SirchSidhe
This was a fantastic story. Thank you for sharing it.
1/28 c30 Guest
11/30/2020 c21 Eliot Stein
Hmmmm I think I figured out that little something that lacks the flow of the story. Tom's crave! I have the feeling that the feelings are mutual, but we don't really see evidence of that. I get that Riddle is a subtle man but even a look or something would suffice in certain scenarios.

Regarding the non-romantic/sexual plot: ABSOLUTE GENIALITY! Each chapter the intrigue increases without being tiresome or repetitive and you do get the feeling of 'getting somewhere but not quite yet'. I have the feeling that I read this years ago. If that's so... OOF *chef kiss* Nonetheless, I feel like reading for first time again.
11/30/2020 c18 Eliot Stein
WUNDT?! He gonna check ur structures girl lmao

*da bum tss*
11/30/2020 c17 Eliot Stein
Oooh my angsty plot bunny is already imagining Riddle falling for Harry and that being his Achilles Talon, but Harry being so used to no-good-Tommy he'd never believe it inadvertently weakening Riddle oooohohoho. I can even see Merope's tired "told you" face. Welp, who knows.

BAMF!HP?! Finally,SomeGoodFuckingFood. jpg
11/30/2020 c17 Eliot Stein
I really don't want Riddle Topping. If only out of spite I'll get the fuck out of here if Harry doesn't get the upper hand over Riddles body.

THIS IS SO FRUSTATING! Author says that they're both alphas and equals and yada yada but crearly Riddle tends to have the upper hand and Harry yields too easily. This FF has a lot of promise even abandoned and yet doesn't really have equals!tomarry. It's literally impossible to find a single FF like that. Is it really so difficult to write? smh
11/29/2020 c1 royalcatniss
This story was amazing! I totally loved the murder mystery plot and the complex alliances between the characters.
11/29/2020 c1 Torresick
Haven't finished the chapter but I already feel some resemblance to Graham and Lecter with the "I'm from the literal royalty" And Will with his absolutely perfect play as prey.
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