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12/15/2011 c28 London Chick96
Hey, i REALY loved this chapter ! you need to write more and more and more ...you get my drift. i cant stop obsessing over this fanfic its like one of my best one yet right after "love is strange" witch you also yours so yay for you ! go get your self some cake cozz you deserve some or a cookie coz ya no ? we all love cookies :)

p.s sorry if some of the spellings are wrong , i cant spell for shit lol x

p.p.s YOU ROCK Kimmz keep on writing x
12/2/2011 c28 ssq
First off I must apologize for reviewing so late! I was so caught up with college and work and finally finishing my fic so I completely missed this. Sorry!

I loved the talk Jared and Kim had over the phone. Their relationship is so sweet and warm I can't help but say Awww. I love your writing and your talent for really getting into kim's skin. I can't wait to read more! great job, Kim!
12/2/2011 c28 1alynawt
i love this story! i just spent the past three days reading through it all! please update sooon! :)
11/30/2011 c28 Londonn
this is really good! Please update soon :D
11/26/2011 c28 yaya-17
Wow, I really like your story. It's hard to find good Kim/Jared stories where Kim isn't a pathetic loser, abused, or overly sarcastic. Lol I love the way you made it where both Kim and Jared feel attached to each other and not just Jared chasing after Kim. I think you should have Leah imprint with someone. You did a good job on making her more understandable. Um... I guess all in all, I love the way you write. Most of the time you find either really good plots but really bad writing, or really bad plots and really good writing; but you have both so that's good.
11/23/2011 c28 ally0212
I really like the way you write Jared and Kim. Their joking fights and insults to each other are actually really refreshing and fun to read. I really like this story so far but I think Jared is an idiot for not realizing what Isi is doing and I feel like he should know because Paul and Brady have noticed and it would have come up sometime during patrol.
11/22/2011 c28 1happinie93
Jared seems so sweet when he was calling Kim about how sleep won't erase the pain.. It was a funny moment when Kim was fantasizing about Jared in tight white trousers. VERY happy that you've updated! I have been wishing for an update in this story! I understand that you probably have other things to do, because I know that I have a lot to do this year too. But I hope you can update again soon! I really missed this story!
11/22/2011 c28 atotheed
I hope things are looking up for you, real life is such a little bitch sometimes... just like Jared, haha! I find it hilarious that he wants her to read her diary to him, and I do love their conversations, especially their phone conversations. Take your time, write for yourself first, because you want to and do it when you want to :)
11/21/2011 c28 12Cassy-Kay
Yay! I'm glad your updated! I love this chapter, they are so cute together and I love that Paul and Kim talked before Jared and Kim. Haha.

I hope you update soon!

XX. Cass
11/21/2011 c28 8postlux
girl! i be waitin 4 ;laksjdkfjdk hours for this to be posted!

Please write and post the next one soon!

This is my favorite story! &I want a cute jared/kim wedding moment. :)
11/21/2011 c28 ixdookiie
did she read him this Diary entree? If you need help getting some ideas you can read Wonderland by Cassy-Kay
11/21/2011 c28 Just a Girl INACTIVE

I'm so glad to see an update, I really enjoy this story, and I was starting to worry if you'd dropped of the face of the planet.

You had a few typos that made me laugh, like yhat. That was probably the funniest. Otherwise the chapter was pretty good.

Damn! I so thought they were gonna end up having phone sex. haha. Jared so wants it, you can tell.

Poor Brady.

Well I hope to hear more from you in the future, and that you keep trolling on because I love reading your stories, it's hard to find some good wolfy imprint love in the world of fanfic now, it seems to be a lot of E/B loving!

Thanks for sharing!

Nerdette! x
11/21/2011 c28 2Aigoo
Hey ! I'm really glad you posted this chapter ! I was waiting for it ! I hope you'll update soon ! Good luck and just know that I love this story :)
11/21/2011 c28 shes-guilty-by-design
How I've missed this story! I haven't review in a while but still loving the story
11/5/2011 c27 edrees500
Nice story! You are doing a great job
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