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8/8/2011 c25 LiViNgStRoNgLy
i like that its not constantly jared and kim mushy gushy stuff. i love the other details of her life that u include, such as her crazy-totally-needs-anger-management mom and going to a step sister's wedding. it makes the story seem very much more real.

i'm also super excited to see what happens with the whole idea of jared going to college with kim.

i'm also extremely curious to see what the huge conflict coming up next will be.

also thanks for taking the time to respond to my reviews, makes me love u that much more :-) YAAAYY!


Your faithful reader LiViNgStRoNgLy

(*who waits patiently till ur next update*)
8/8/2011 c25 Guest
Really loved this fic. It has enough fluff, but not to much, But enough to give it a good plot! Relly enjoyed it thanks and keep typing, can't wait for the next chapeter and I just started reading it!
8/7/2011 c25 5Free To Imagine
This was very good. I liked it a lot. Maybe it was the banter, maybe it was the fact that Lydia is dating someone so old and her dad had no idea. The reaction was good. Especially the way Kim's mum reacted. The stepmother, who is sort of concerned, but not too much because it is the stepmother. :) Yes, very nice indeed. And Jared at the end was good too. The banter felt very natural.
8/7/2011 c25 ForeverTeamEdward13
Such a cute chapter! Is Lydia gonna meet Jared in the next chapter? Please update again soon!
8/6/2011 c25 8postlux
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED the cute stuff! Kinda blaaahed through the other stuff.. haha

8/6/2011 c25 CasperGirl523
Yay! I am the first one to review. Anyways, I Loved this chapter! I can't wait for the next one! Jared and Kim are so cute. Kim's siblings are funny too. Reminds me of my siblings and I. Please update fast! Thanx. =]
8/6/2011 c25 Gryffindor Gurl2
Thanks for updating! :)
8/4/2011 c24 Just a Girl INACTIVE
I liked the whole Leah and Kim section, it was nice and I'm so glad you decided to add it in.

Actually I love Kim's take on the whole werewolf idea, can I steal it? I'm kidding but it's really quite a fantastic idea, now I want to see some more girls' phase that would shake up the boys and certainly make me laugh!

I also really, really want to know about Jared's dirty thoughts if he's that embarrassed about them.

As always, Jared and Kim are incredibly cute!

My review this time was a little shorter than normal, but I'm pressed for time. I hope to see an update from you soon!
8/3/2011 c24 1secretprincess
LOVE the whole Kim and Leah scene... It was really nice... UPDATE SOON... PLEASE...
8/2/2011 c24 5Free To Imagine
Okay, maybe the concept of uni will grow on me. Maybe. In general, the chapter was really good. Not as strong as some chapters - there is a sense of it being a little bit of a filler chapter - but the scene with Leah was really nice. Her bitterness is a nice contrast to the lovely dovey stuff. Very good. Oh, but the best part was Leah interacting with Jared. But then I think I have a soft spot for the little parts about being apart of the pack - the idea that they bicker a lot is quite nice. Anyway...good work. Well written.
8/1/2011 c24 LauraLou13
Amazing! I love this story! And great chapter! Please UD again really soon!
7/30/2011 c24 1happinie93
I like how you incorporated Leah into this story because she doesn't seem to like Kim right away, like in a lot of other stories. I also like how you put Leah's thoughts and feelings into this chapter. A lot of Leah. Great chapter, Please update again soon!
7/30/2011 c24 LiViNgStRoNgLy
the leah and kim moment is really great. i love that the chapter exposed the part of imprinting where kim feels a bit... useless. i know imprints are meant to support the wolves, but i don't feel like they do much. the idea of having more female shapeshifter wolves seem like something that could be expanded more.

i lovr mushy and lovey-dovey kim and jared's relationship is, its the way i imagined it would be.

keep up the amazing work! (and thank you so much for continuing this story) :-D
7/29/2011 c24 ForeverTeamEdward13
Good chapter! Please update again soon!
7/29/2011 c24 Gryffindor Gurl2
Good chapter!
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