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7/11/2011 c23 Ashley C
7/11/2011 c23 Gryffindor Gurl2
Great chapter!
7/4/2011 c22 1happinie93
Wow, Kim's getting really scientific about Jared being able to change into a wolf, and I never really questioned that until now. I can't believe that she ran away, especially when she was the one who wanted him to show her is wolf form.
7/3/2011 c22 1secretprincess
I hope Jared and Kim will make up and sort it out... LOVE the STORY... Please update ASAP...
6/30/2011 c22 atotheed
I think Kim is entitled to a little freak out too... my selfish side is hoping that it leads to a hot and steamy smutty moment :)
6/29/2011 c22 2Vampirelover1000x
This chapter was quite surprising at the end but I can't wait to find out what you have in store for the rest of your fanfic.

Please update again soon :)xx
6/29/2011 c22 ssq
Haha no we couldn't possibly hate you for this!

I think this was a brilliant move on your part to make Kim react this way. Seriously, I sometimes feel writers on here don't make the imprints' reactions to their wolves phasing as believable as it should be. But you broke the mold with this... I love how you made her run away. It's a completely understandable reaction. Hell, if my boyfriend exploded into a massive ball of fur, I'd be heading for the hills too! LOL

And I know this is mean of me but I laughed when I realised what Jared's expression would have been when she ran away! LOL I can just imagine it! Hehe

You did a great job and you should have no worries whether this chapter seemed out of hand. Good job!
6/29/2011 c22 Just a Girl INACTIVE
I don't hate Kim and I totally understand her reaction and to be honest I kind of expected this as her reaction. Because she says she's fine with everything but when you actually look at it, she's never properly accepted it as being 'real' which is why she ran as she couldn't take everything into her head.

I'm assuming Jared will think she's scared but really it's just the fact that he changed from a human into an animal that truly freaked her!

So I think he'll come round, although I think Kim will have to go find him, rather than him find her if he thinks she's scared off him.

Short chapter but it was sweet and Kim is totally NOT a bitch. I think the next chapter might bring around a few realisations and maybe tears.


Very enjoyable. Well enjoy your four day expedition, sounds like the D of E scheme.

Looking forward to the next chapter! :D
6/29/2011 c22 5Free To Imagine
Oh, lovely. Totally plausible. Really, really, really lovely. Brilliant. The best part is that, with all of that, Kim thinks she's a bitch because of her reaction, when really, it was her being normal. Very good. It's made me surprisingly over pleased.
6/29/2011 c22 2Sugar-Ice
i love this chapter its what any sane person would do, im totally with her on the running away! :D gutted about the no update but hopefully we'll se it next week :) x
6/28/2011 c22 8postlux
You just HAVE to post the worlds biggest cliff hanger right before you leave for a four day camping trip? really? really? :x
6/28/2011 c22 ForeverTeamEdward13
Aww poor Jared! Good chapter! Please update again soon!
6/28/2011 c22 Gryffindor Gurl2
Good chapter!
6/28/2011 c22 Ashley C
6/28/2011 c22 CasperGirl523
Please update soon1! This was much too short! I need more! Please? Your doing a great job.
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