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6/21/2011 c20 BehindEverySmile
LMAO! "Fuck Yale"! HAHA! XD my parents would kill me too! XD anyway, update soon?
6/21/2011 c20 2Sugar-Ice
omg! I love jared too!

Please please please let them have an argument, i think that the whole uni situation had alot of ground for argument she shoyldnt give up her dream! :) x
6/18/2011 c19 Abby24
Oh yes it was wonderful :) Thank you! And again amazing job!
6/18/2011 c20 ssq
"Fuck Yale" LOl that was hilarious! I can totally understand why Kim says that.

This was good! I thought it was really funny when Paul ribbed her about Jared finally kissing Jared. You've gotta love his crudeness! Haha

Good job!
6/18/2011 c20 atotheed
Oh Kim, you can still go to college. Maybe not all the way across the country, but you can still go. My Claire did it, so can you, LOL
6/17/2011 c20 Sammy
ohmygoodness I LOVE your story so much! I read every single chapter yesterday and I read this one a minute ago, you are such a talanted writer! I love reading every single word that you write. Even the parts when you are just explaining things are fantastic. Love love love. hahahah ok hahaha, I'm a little hyper hahaha.

Okay so, I don't really have anything that you could really change, I think you are doing just fine how you are writing it right now. Keep up the Jared/Kim love 3
6/17/2011 c20 5Free To Imagine
Well done Paul, well done. I like Kim's realisation that she isn't going to uni. Very well done indeed. I really enjoyed the chapter, so...thanks for the quick update. Looking forward to the next one.
6/17/2011 c20 8postlux
I really really REALLY hate it when there's no Jared in it:l I mean, I guess there was but he didn't say anything. lol. Next one!
6/17/2011 c20 bleu2979
I'm kind of iffy about her just completely forgetting about college to be with Jared. Even if it is her soulmate she shouldn't give up on what she wants for them together. It actually kind of sounds desperate on her part. Idk.. But I love the Paul part
6/17/2011 c20 Just a Girl INACTIVE
Another fabulous chapter!

I liked the fact that she took a few moments to evaluate her life at the start and saw it as being rather surreal at the moment, as I think she needs to pull her head out of the clouds a little. As although they have imprinted it doesn't mean they will never have problems, because imprinting just intensifies a feeling that's there and pushes you together.

I think it would be interesting to see if Jared found the leaflets that Kim has thrown in the bin, as I think he would be extremely appalled at the idea of her giving up her 'teenage dream' for him. I mean he's a good guy and happiness is important but I think Jared is one of those people that wouldn't want Kim to give up on anything she wanted especially because they have the imprint.

I'm glad Paul is being nicer, but it's rather comical to read his jokes, I'd like to see Jared's end when he hears about one of these jokes, as I'm sure Paul would get a beating for it. Haha.

Such a teenage girl response which I found incredibly humorous and cute as I feel Kim maybe neglected her friends a little, which most people are guilty off in the first stages of a relationship but it's been two months. I guess it's all part of the imprinting, which is just awesome in it's own little world.

The texting made me laugh, especially Jared's response.

Lucy however needs to dump her boyfriend. 'Cos I agree with Kim, he's a dick!

So as per usual the chapter was well written and entertaining. Really loving all your wolfie stories at the moment. Looking forward to the next chapter whenever it may be!
6/17/2011 c20 Gryffindor Gurl2
Good chapter!
6/16/2011 c6 1wolfie96
poor kim aww brilliantchapter 10/10
6/16/2011 c2 wolfie96
hahaha jason is excatly like my brother lol!aww jared is sweet brillaint 10/10
6/15/2011 c19 bleu2979
If i could subscribe again I would cx
6/15/2011 c19 Just a Girl INACTIVE
Wow! And yay! They finally had their first kiss and what an intense build up it's been. I have to say, I may have given a little sigh of relief when this finally came around as it certainly was a build up but I love that the romance didn't all happen in the first five chapters and they weren't in bed, clothes of by the tenth. It made it seem more down to earth and realistic and I've always seen the relationship between Kim and Jared as a good one with them both being sweet people who take things slowly.

Although Kim needs the exs talk with Jared, even thought it's horrible and cringe worthy she needs to know! I would want to know how many girls my boyfriend and my 'soul mate' had been with. So that's going to be a very big moment for the future.

I thought it was cute and rather funny when Kim muttered she wanted to be more than friends to Jared. I'm glad she finally got her words out as it was great for both her and Jared to finally show the feelings they've been bottling up.

Wonder how Kim's mum is going to react to this and the pack. Should be very entertaining! I liked this chapter, I thought it brought back the romance and the excitement to love that has been building but also let us know we're in for a rocky road as well as some hot lovin'!

I thoroughly laughed when I heard a girl Paul slept with passed out from his heat, there was nothing funny to me than hearing his ego hit a wall! It was highly comical to me, so I'm interested to see how Kim copes with the high temperatures. Although maybe Jared should suggest less clothes and more water. Haha.

You've made Jared seem entirely cute but I just don't think he's quite the angel you paint him as at times, so I'm waiting for this to fall apart. I don't want to hate him, I just think he's too perfect. Haha.

I seem to pick at everything and I don't mean to, I just like developing into everything and analysing, I'm learning to read between the lines, if I can ever do that!

Thanks for the update and I just got the chapter 15 or 16 update through I think which was the one I missed to start with, so I think it was just the chapter having not been notified to people by fanfic which is why we didn't read! :D

Thanks for the awesome update once again!
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