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2/20/2013 c36 2runawaycherry93
I can't believe the end has finally came. This has been a great story of an imprint between Kim and Jared and I love watching their love develop.
2/20/2013 c36 anon
that's it?!
2/20/2013 c36 151Bendleshnitz
I liked this story :)
It's been a long while since you have updated it, so I kind of forgot which story it was and had to go back a few chapters and re-read it, lol
Anyway, good job! It was very sweet :)
Thanks for sharing
2/20/2013 c36 Hi
2/20/2013 c36 TaylorBrooks13
This by far has to be one of my favourite Kim/Jred stories. It was so good that I read it in a day! I love everything about it, I can't even put it in words. Let me start off by saying you are a really talented writer and your story has so much depth. I love each character in this and their interactions. You've made them like real people - well as real as these wolfboys can get - and gave them real feelings. It's just so good, even the simplist chapters were exciting to read. I could go on forever but I'm not really good with words and also my hands are starting to hurt. You probably won't even read this due to the massive amounts of (well deserved) reviews but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading this story and that you are a fantastic writer. I honestly can't wait till the next chapter, hopefully there will be a sequel? It always makes me sad whenever I finish reading a really good story. But I'm looking foward to some of your stories in the future! :) xoxo

- Taylor
2/19/2013 c35 Shortywithththeh
Great! Keep it up(:
2/19/2013 c35 another-aband0ned-account
So glad to see another chapter! It's amazing and I'm looking forward to the next one!
2/17/2013 c35 anon
i like that she's thinking it through and not just throwing herself at him. he needs to understand that while she's a good distraction, she is his soulmate and he needs to realize that if he didn't come back, how in the dark she would be. i don't think she's being a bitch at all.
2/17/2013 c35 Sara
I was missing this story :) i'm glad you updated :)
1/30/2013 c34 Guest
dear gosh please update
1/17/2013 c21 13music lover bwg
I literally loled at this chapter! Lol Mark!
1/8/2013 c34 Zsara
Please, dont leave this story like this!
11/4/2012 c2 1forever young123
love it
10/30/2012 c34 guest
plesecs plesece review pleses am loving it
10/1/2012 c33 PrincessDripDrop
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