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2/11/2019 c2 Guest
Bella saying "that wouldn't go down well at all" seems really out of place for the time this is set in. I hate period pieces that use modern slang.

And beyond that bullshit, this is so fucking contrived. HATE IT
4/5/2013 c4 2Vero Diaz
Wheres the new chapter? Are you going to finish this story?
12/1/2012 c4 7Nessiexo
Wow, this is really good. I never thought I would like this type of story, but I do. Please update as soon as you can, I'm excited to read more :)
5/27/2012 c4 1Pragmatic
I realize it has been a while since you last updated but I do hope you post the next chapter soon. I want Edward to save her from a fate she does not want!
10/26/2011 c4 4XxGrace.Jones.20xX
Luvin it hope u UD ASAP
10/11/2011 c3 1Kamaria12
7/19/2011 c4 Guest
7/19/2011 c4 Guest
Love it. Best fanfic ever, please continue!
6/7/2011 c4 5thamker
Poor Bella getting unwanted attention- good timing Edward
6/4/2011 c3 BellSyb
Update soon, this is totally and utterly amazing!
5/17/2011 c3 thamker
I have to say you write very well
5/17/2011 c3 17phantomessangel
another great chapter...can't wait to read more...you have me intrigues as to what will happen next!
5/17/2011 c3 3MentalAsylumNewbie
I love this story please update soon and you did an amazing job:))
5/16/2011 c2 7Slower Than Stampeding Turtles
oh please can you get Mr. Percy & Anne together?:D

I was so DEVASTATED when he was married off to another woman -.-

Anne grew so cold and so angry! I HATED that! D:

I hope this has a happy ending for everyone. I really do:/
5/16/2011 c2 5thamker
I love this story. Can't wait to see more
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