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for Marvel Character Who Are Just Complete Idiots

5/20/2011 c2 19Window Girl
At least Magneto did all of those terrible things to Wanda without knowing that she was his daughter-which is more than you can say for Evo Magneto.

This is very entertaining, but perhaps it should be put in the comic book section since it deals exclusively with the comic books and not Evo.
5/20/2011 c3 Buddy
Great, beautiful. It is also Scott's fault that so many mutants are dead, because he was the one who gathered all the worlds mutants in one place and made them easy targets. As far as a being a "leader" goes, your right, he just keeps making one mistake after the other. Great work.
5/19/2011 c3 14everablackrose
LOL! so freakin hilarious!
5/19/2011 c2 Pissed
You are so dumb. You are really dumb. Proffsor x kicksass and yeah he makes mistakes cuz he's human! It's not like mutants are fucking gods. He's ten million times smarter then you!
5/19/2011 c2 Buddy
Brilliant. I really want to see what you could do with someone like Mystique. This is just brilliant, I can not stop laughing.
5/19/2011 c2 4everablackrose
r we allowed to make requests?
5/18/2011 c1 3LookHowUniqueandWittyIAm
You know it's really

hypocritical to critize a character for being

dumb when you yourself can't

seem to figure

out where to press enter.

Pssh caring about children, what kind of MOTHER does that? None that I know.

You aren't looking at this from her point of view.

You just found out your husband is a terrorist and has devilish powers you don't understand.

Do you A. Stay with the mass murder and let him raise your kids into miniterrorists


B.Hope that another family who was willing to take in a child would show the same eagarness to care about them.

This isn't a story, it doesn't even have a story attached to it. Not to mention this would probably be more well suited the Xmen comic section, not evolution.
5/17/2011 c1 2Shake me down
hahaha so true.

And nice star wars reference the stories are quite similar.!

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