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for Ten Years Ago

6/24/2013 c1 3Up1965
I love this! I think you really captured the characters and the emotions! XD Great work! XD Keep up the good job! XD
5/19/2011 c1 ABVR
Well, I don't know the Hallilwells as well as I know some of the other characters you write about, but it feels like you got Piper and Phoebe's voices down really well . . . especially since they're in a more quiet, contemplative mood than they usually are when, say, vanquishing demons. The place, early on, where they reply "Nothing" in unison is great!

One of my favorite bits, though, along with the car giving an "irritated grunt" as it moved forward, is Piper hesitating about leaving Paige to get the kids ready for school . . . not just the hesitation itself, but the reference to the "big sister in her," which underscores the point of the story nicely.

And - having lost my dad 10 years ago next month - the line about Prue's spirit having been all around them for the past ten years gave me a lump in my throat . . . and a smile.

Nice job. :-)
5/18/2011 c1 3Dominus Trinus
I think it’s perfect just the way it is. Can’t believe it’s been ten years since Prue’s death, which felt realistic because she never returned in any form on the show :-( You portrayed the sisters’ feelings very well, them being told everything happens for a reason, but never understanding the reason for losing their sister. So great job!

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