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for Chain Reaction: Iron Revolution

9/19/2021 c2 Yoda
Awesome story man, I spent all day reading this cant wait for more chapters/updates
8/11/2020 c37 Guest
I thoroughly enjoy reading your story, I do hope you update soon if you're able to!
9/1/2016 c186 4Beloved Princess
Meida, Ishi & co. could be walking right directly into The Black Corps' trap if they aren't careful, but that could be their intention since they ARE planning an ambush. Definitely looking forward to your next chapter!
9/1/2016 c186 Taser101
Great chapter man! Don't worry about it, anyway keep it up.
8/14/2016 c185 Taser101
Awesome chapter and nice fight. In some type of way in my eyes it was a draw. But seeing as Ishi can take an 'eye' for the team, Chainz can take a fade for one too. 'Eye' can't wait for the next chapter and I bet Ishi can't see it either. .. Because he has only one eye! Okay sorry for all the bad puns ... Eye will just send my review now ... Eye guess eye will see ya later lol
8/12/2016 c185 Beloved Princess
Definitely did NOT expect that from Ishimaru. Whoa. I'll be anticipating Chainz & Azure's next battle till then, and I'm always obsessed with how synchronized Chainz and Ishimaru are in battle and personality-wise.

It's always makes me laugh just seeing Eve be mouthy, especially to poor Sundance when he's trying to explain something as sensible as a differ in opinion. And I wonder what Dr. Hatcher could be planning with the lab in Hokkaido. I'll definitely stay tuned. Great chapter!
5/2/2016 c184 Taser101
Come on Chainz and Ishi you guys got to win
4/30/2016 c184 Beloved Princess
Welcome back, PG!

Azure vs. Chainz: Round 2 has officially begun! Even though Azure is leading the match, it's really anyone's game, so I'm excited to see who'll win. I've always love seeing Ishimaru and Chainz's dynamic, too. I'm definitely looking forward to how they'll back out of the corner Azure has them in!
4/30/2016 c184 4DeathySophia
Welcome back, PG! A good way to start a night :)
This looks like to be in Azure's advantage, but anything can happen and I can not guess what will happen next. Looking forward to see more of Azure's development!
12/12/2015 c183 4Beloved Princess
It's sad to see what's happened to Cecelia but almost expected, considering the Black Corps. But is it just me or has Derrick become untrustworthy? I'm starting to lose trust in him with all the drama he seems to be bringing to everyone.

Lol, Eve is so cruel but I love her. I feel bad for always giving her such a hard time in RP. I'm interested in seeing how the alliance takes off and the future battle between Azure and Chainz! Definitely looking forward to your next chapter!
10/1/2015 c182 Beloved Princess
Whoa. All I can say (type) is whoa. This chapter was wild. Although, I'm still somewhat iffy on Derrick's motives, it was great to see him defend Sola and Lily as best as he humanly could, and it was a relief to see Azure and Rika reach Sola's side in time as well.

Poor Ceralia and Cecilia. My heart broke for both of them. It's always upsetting to see something terrible happen to a bookkeeper. At least, Ceralia's sacrifice hadn't been in vain. Aria reminds me of Felicity and a bit of Blue, too.

Great work! I'll be looking forward to what Azure and co. plan on doing with their new information and your next chapter!
9/19/2015 c181 Beloved Princess
It's great to see Azure able to settle the battle peacefully and effectively with Ceralia but I wonder what dire consequences may lay in wait for her for not only losing the battle, but also spilling such important trade secrets about the Titans and the Black Corps. How Sola is continuing to fare against Grooz and whether Rika and Azure will reach her in time will definitely carry my interest, too!

Great work! I'll be looking forward to your next chapter!
9/13/2015 c180 4DeathySophia
I am! Just not on here much and only check for stories I am subscribed to. Pretty excited to see what you have in store! :)

Best of luck!
9/8/2015 c180 4Beloved Princess
Glad to see you back, PG! I'll definitely be looking forward to what you have planned next for the story!
9/7/2015 c180 2Windraider
I still am if you must ask. But University is so hard that I don't spend much time on FF anymore. Sorry about that.
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