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7/28 c10 guest poster
I have to say, I'm not sure what I was expecting when I first started reading this fic, yet there were times where I simply marvelled at your writing ability. The way the prose brought the scenes to life was really impressive. I was truly intrigued by the plot (and as an ace person, I actually DID read this for the PLOT) and was really quite enjoying it. My only complaint would be that the memo in this chapter kind of externalizes the causes of Misaka's behavior which, while a plausible explanation, is not a satisfying one. Yet, such a complaint is already rendered absurd considering the way this chapter was resolved! So disregard it! After all, the rules of this story are simple, and they are that everything both good and bad all starts and ends with sex. It is the conflict, it is the *climax*, and it is the resolution. Beautiful. Overall, even eight years later, this story stands out to me as interesting, engaging, well-written, and memorable. Bravo!
10/25/2021 c1 collierfolkesroman
I haven’t started reading this yet but I’m already confused as to how a simple concept like this became a 125k word story.
8/28/2020 c10 2madtad1
10/4/2017 c10 12Kenshin1340
.. But where does it go

Fluffy scenes :( :(
10/4/2017 c8 Kenshin1340
Ahhhhhhhh best chapter yet
10/4/2017 c5 Kenshin1340
That was different. More on the positive side, though!

Keeping on keeping on
10/3/2017 c1 Kenshin1340
5/13/2017 c1 4anand891996
the first chapter...well, it IS M rated. lol
6/11/2016 c10 Karharot
Very6 well written and enjoyable fic. For how much it claims to be just a PWP lemon it is actually far better at keeping the cast in character with the originals (maybe except Shokuhou, she may be somewhat twisted but she is definitely no rapist) than many stories that claim to be serious about it and fail depressingly short.
The way the heroines and their relationships develop in this story is done in-depth and it leads to following scenes in a believable way.
Thank you for writing it :)

BTW - I think that unless you have plans for the next chapter you should change the label to "Complete" and just start a sequel if you have an inspiration somtime in the future. A story that is still in progress but had it last update almost 2 years ago looks like unfinished and abandoned project. Personally I often disable such results in the search and it would be regretable if someone else also had such habit and missed on the enjoyment of this story.
6/10/2016 c3 e
this just a boring smut fic h
2/23/2016 c10 15Atsui Tatsumi
I want to see Misaka do the revenge to Mikoto. well, i will be waiting
1/29/2016 c9 CesarBorgia
1/29/2016 c3 CesarBorgia
você é uma pervertida kkkkkkkk até a ruiko?
1/27/2016 c1 CesarBorgia
sex com a mikoto parece perigoso. me pergunto se touma iria bloquearia nesses momentos
10/24/2015 c10 Kevin
Bravo! This is by far the best fan fiction I've ever read out of all the shows I watch, and the fact it was about this show in particular coupled with it being an erotic one only made it better. The only criticism I have of the whole work in general was the fact that there was a sex scene in every single piece. I think if you had held back on that just a little bit, this work would have gone from a 99% to a 100% in my book. Fucking fantastic ending as well.
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