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for Breeching Jade

11/18/2015 c5 Guest
Can't sate for next chapter
4/19/2015 c5 37sailorlyoko4life
Very interesting. I almost stopped reading at first because she wasnt herself at all and it was funny with rex, but a alittle of a turn off too. Im soooooo happy her old self is back, but youve got to explain why she was like that in the begining, like have rex try to figure it out or someone hint at it or a flashback, or SOMETHING! thats a great plot device that can be incorporated along with more development in the present. Jade could act alittle more adult though, unless the being a kid again thing is a part of the mysteryoiusness surrounding the begginging of the story. I want to see her and Rex figure eachother out or at least become closer, becuase they have such compatable personalities, doesnt have to be love, at least a really cool freindship though. I thought the BJ dream thing was cool, especially when breach and jade were fighting and it became clear that was what it stood for, but more explanation as to what the heck was going on thier would be a great plot device too. There is soooo much you can do with this story already, its a shame you havent updated. I know how hard it is to write a crossover thats not popular, ive got a couple of them myself, but the important thing is to stick with it. I juse got a new computer so i can finally continue mine,so i should be updating soon. But please dont loose inspiration for this story!
2/2/2014 c5 SpouseofSatan
5/31/2013 c5 Jade'sPetDragon
Nice story but a little confusing. Could answer some questions I have about it?
12/18/2011 c5 92Suigin Walker

Well I would like to say that the story seems interesting, especially the change of attitude of Jade. We know that the future version, shown in Jackie-chan was funny series, but fun and enjoyable as the samples in these final chapters. As curiosity gives me changed her so she ever be so happy.

On one hand I suspect that has to do with family demands of their parents who must drive her crazy on one side. On the other something tells me that there is something we have not yet presented in this fic that is crucial to deduce the reason is their present attitude.

Another thing I would like to point out is that while you should not discourage a few reviews. Remember that this is the crossover section, one in which not many enter. In addition to this the fact that not many have seen The Adventures of Jackie-Chan-yo if you can see it in my childhood and I have vivid memories of it.

So do not give up, the story at times is well taken, steps slowly but surely. And I must confess that I laughed with Jade winning at poker.

I look forward to the next chapter, and see if you give us, even a slight indication of what kind of threat can occur for both Jade and Rex into action and see if there is something more between them that barbed comment-though most say Jade-

PS: I'm Argentina, and to be honest, I'm reading this story with the google translator. So if there are errors in my review, forgive me.
7/13/2011 c5 111Melancholy's Sunshine
Cause Imma big kid now!

My theme is 'Oh I'm stuck on band-aid brand cause band-aid helps heal me!'
6/6/2011 c4 org13fan
yay Jade's back and the monkey king caused chaos

this has been a good chapter but try explain them a little more next time and write a tad longer.

Great work
6/1/2011 c3 20Anticsareme
Aw Jade don't cry! You're a big girl now.
5/26/2011 c2 org13fan
wow what happened to jade

it's a great story but get jade back to normal soon pleas I want to see Jade making wise cracks about rex's powers.

5/20/2011 c1 Anticsareme

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