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9/5/2018 c2 Guest
I recognize it from the new series, though! Of course, we're never told their name in the new series, just that they belong to a religious organization called The Silence, who's core belief is that "Silence will fall when the question is asked", but I'm going to look this up now...
7/13/2014 c1 9Elven-in-name
Funny & exciting
11/30/2013 c5 blur801
Awesome story. I liked Gwen as a Companion to the Doctor and I know the reference on the Stars is from Card Capturing Sakura. Cool story and keep up the good work
2/24/2013 c1 Nathan Jarrett
Good. This may have nothing to do with Ben 10 but it has
something to do with Dr who, please could you write a fanfic where Sally the squirrel from sonic the hedgehog is traveling with the doctor in the tardis don't know why but that idea might be fun. Also
I think if you do then there should be romance between them because that would be interesting.
7/19/2011 c5 18MayoTango131
Is that the end? !Because, I love reading this story!

I wish you to do a sequel: With Ben Tennyson and the Tenth Doctor, or Kevin Levin and the Ninth Doctor, or Julie Yamamoto and Ship Along With Sarah Jane and K9.
6/28/2011 c4 71ADdude
ok will try to answer some of those questions in the next chapter
6/23/2011 c4 18MayoTango131
much better, I loved this episode but there are some things that do not understand:

How did Gwen to get to the "Universe of Doctor"?

Where is Ben, Kevin, Max and Julie?

And how they met the Doctor and Gwen for the first time?


Anyway, your story is very fantastic. You are Cool, like the Fez.
6/2/2011 c2 dOcTeRlOvEr-ArTeMiSlOvEr
Ooh, this looks interesting. The monster is the Silence, right? That would be so cool to read. Update soon!
5/29/2011 c2 MayoTango131
Your story is very great, congratulations. I loved the references to "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" and I would like to know the identity of the mysterious villain or monster, but I'll have to wait. I yearn to read the next chapter.

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