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11/19/2020 c20 4Takeshiozo
ok this one is interesting i would love to read it even if is just the aftermath of this
12/12/2013 c2 CapnSwashbuckler
This is pretty fair, from a certain perspective. There's not enough information in canon to really give any sort of explanation as to how Naruto can be such a screw-up, but most of the class is a pack of screw-ups too, and Sasuke works hard. I think it's better for not having in it that last bit you wanted to add but couldn't find a place for; that would have just been senseless cruelty rather than hard truth.
11/29/2013 c20 5plums
Two people? eh?

I know they're drabbles... but that doesn't even feel like this particular one ended in the right spot.
11/27/2013 c20 Dragonreading
Please post a aftermath chapter. :)
11/26/2013 c20 jmartinez8089
All of these ideas are great. I really want to see a continuation of 9, 13, 14, and 17. Also I really want to know what happened during Naruto's fight in 1.
11/26/2013 c20 177Firehedgehog
smirk... nice
11/26/2013 c20 3Reishin Amara
...Did he just make magic destroy himself?
11/26/2013 c20 karthik9
It is excellent chapter. I look forward to future updates.
5/6/2013 c18 6PensiveProsperity
I love both this chapter and chapter 15 but I am really interested in what the other Uzumaki's did to upset Naruto so. I mean what did dear "Aunt Mei" do that made Naruto want to kill her?
5/6/2013 c2 PensiveProsperity
Love this one a lot and it gave me an idea on how to make the Sasuke in one of my stories more likable while still being standoffish.
Thank you so much for this incredible new insight into Sasuke's character.
5/1/2013 c18 vikraal
I had forgotten about the Previous part, read it. Now I don't understand why is he going around Killing the Uzumaki. I am going to assume that its because of their techniques which Konoha has pilfered are too dangerous, and cannot be in the hands of another country.
5/1/2013 c18 1Lord Wrath
good fic
5/1/2013 c18 177Firehedgehog
4/8/2013 c16 Lydia-Hood
Errr... how would Naruto being adopted by the Uchiha equal him turning into Jiraiya's spiritual heir? Because at the tender age of what... 11 or 12, he already seem well on his way to emulate somebody that normally doesn't seem to have visited or been much in Konoha in a while. I can understand Naruto becoming sterner and 'harder' one could say, but a wanabee pervert in the style of Jiyaiya? I can't figure how a Uchiha upbringing would cause that to happen, if anything Naruto should have more in common like Sasuke with Orochimaru out of the three Sannin with a Uchiha then Jiraiya... heck he should be closer in mindset to Tsunade than Jiraiya!
4/8/2013 c15 Lydia-Hood
Huh, frankly I don't think the approach used to this fic is any better than the fics that either abandon or botch it, wouldn't it be awfully convenient for Sarutobi to come 2 years after Naruto's birth and tell her he is alive? Wouldn't Naruto have kinda instead asked WHY THE FUCK it took him two years to inform her? Naruto here seem to be a psychopath, supposedly trained to control his emotions, but that would mean he went to Danzo, which wouldn't give him such training because it would make him incapable of using the Kyuubi Chakra which tend to be emotionally triggered, and Sarutobi is way too much of a deluded old fool with blind belief in the greatness of his villages and the Will of Fire to do that kind of training, which mean both people which could provide such training, wouldn't for two very different reasons.

His reaction should have been to attack Sarutobi for causing his mother to abandon him in the first place, yea he could be angry at her, but he would damn more be angry at Sarutobi, he seem intelligent here and he should have realized that it was the Sandaime fault first, heck how could she even been sure it was her son even if she actually accepted to see Naruto? Because he is a child with blond hairs and blue eyes? Not common, but there are other blondes... thus its not a sure fire proof, and the idea that she could recognize Minato's facial trait in a 2 years old? So truly even if she did accept to even see the child the fact it was her child would have been solely based on Sarutobi's word, so she had some seriously good reasoning for questioning him. The idea that Naruto would have heard about it from Sarutobi and solely put all the blame on her is stupid. Heck, if he was the same moron as cannon as a child, pretty damn sure he would have forgiven her, didn't he forgive Jiraiya for having failed for being his godfather, and Jiraiya DID know that Naruto was his godson for a dozen years before they seemingly met. So quite frankly the idea behind this one shot sucks badly and make little sense logically with out its supposed to have happened.
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