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4/8/2013 c14 Lydia-Hood
Holy fucking crap, that was a rather shocking and interesting chapter, so is this supposed to be like that movie "The Grudge"? But somehow Lily and James spirits didn't pass over? And except the love of their son, well they they loss alot of positive emotions... and became... huh... evil wouldn't be the term I would use, I mean even in "The Grudge" its not about evil per say... I can't really describe emotionally what the spirits had become but evil doesn't fit per say... not exactly dark either... its possibly too much a political term for my taste... but... negative might be the best I can do... they became much more negative.

But my question is why Petunia & Dudley? Why not Vernon? I guess because they wanted the main instigator of whatever wrong done upon Harry to suffer especially... still it was a very interesting one-shot, it approach the whole concept of vengeful spirit of his parents and take it in a horrific way. Basically his parents killed and possessed the livings and ensured Harry's well being, whatever the cost... and they created for Harry a sort of fiction where his parents were dead but his aunt loved him, only when he wasn't looking at the end with McGonnagal the mask Lily was wearing for her son fell and the Professor was allowed a glimpse of the horrific truth.

Well anyhow I assume its his parents, since Vernon say 'freak of a s...' which I don't know what qualitative could be used that would use a s otherwise than son... maybe slave, but that wouldn't fit the scenario.
4/8/2013 c10 Lydia-Hood
Naruto frankly in cannon is made out to be a idiot genius of sort... he is a genius when it comes to Jutsu a utter moron for anything else, even then is genius is limited to application of existing jutsu, I mean he doesn't create anything new, he expand on existing, mostly Shadow Clones, Henge & Rasengan, he take those three and expand on them without creating something entirely new, but still overall he is a utter dumbass, which explain why he never ask any question, he is a naive idiot moron which lack seemingly any intellectual capabilities beyond the basis for living and how to fight.

Now for his reactions to the Village and Minato... frankly... a elderly man might be accepting that the Village suffered from grief and anger and they uncontrollably placed it on what they believe was the incarnation of the cause of it... but then take anything less than a wise old man and the reaction should be negative, the younger the person is, the most likely bad it would be. I frankly think at the age Naruto discovered the truth he should have hated maybe not the Village as a whole, but he should have had a ton of angst against the people in Konoha, in particular the vast majority of civilian, the civilian born ninja and some lesser ninja that might be amongst those that hate him, realistically I can't imagine anybody that reached Jounin being capable of hating Naruto for the whole Kyuubi deal, because to reach that rank require enough knowledge to know that he isn't the Kyuubi and thus mellow out any hostilities people might have.

Now for the case of Minato, really, I can't see him being understanding of the situation, again the later he learn of it, the more control his reaction would be, but I question Minato motivations and what really was his intentions, couldn't the Kyuubi chakra be put in any dying Ninja that would have brought the second half of the chakra to the other side, did it need to be placed inside a baby? For the baby to live with it? What it tells me is Minato had a agenda, part of it could be to preserve the balance between Main Villages that all had jinchurikis, or it could be the prophecy, he gave a 'power up' to Naruto expecting it to help him become more powerful and make the prophecy happen, in either those cases his motivation was to sacrifice a child for the sake of the Village or the sake of the Elemental Nations, but the point is their was a agenda that took precedent over the well being of whichever baby was chosen.

I will say I personally think Minato played with things the guy didn't understand, my personal belief is the Kyuubi Chakra is bad for Naruto and while it help keep him alive possibly, I think of of the keeping alive might be more the Uzumaki Gift of Health, that keep him healed, and that the Kyuubi Chakra act a bit as acid, that slow damage his entire body, which is why he is so small, not simply a bad nutrition, but also his body being constantly damaged cause problems with his body, also it would cause him to be a dumbass by damaging his brain, even if the brain do heal, it would damage the healed part of the brain would, in the case of memory, lack the knowledge that used to be inscribed in that location of the brain, thus causing Naruto to forget most of the stuff he learn, also it the overall damage would cause emotional immaturity since the overall effect of the Chakra would be slowing the effective development of the body & brain. Plus since Minato sealed half of the Kyuubi chakra, a particular half that cause Naruto to have a shite ton of 'physical' energy but having very little 'mind' or 'spiritual' energy, or whatever the term they did use for the other part, leaving him incapable of producing jutsus which employ such, thus making him virtually incapable with Genjutsu. Anyhow it mean the entire Kyuubi thing damaged Naruto development and capability for using a certain branch and style of Jutsu, thus Minato majorly fucked up the sealing and how he should work about doing the sealing.

Now it seem to me that the Kyuubi release was just an excuse really, do anybody really expect that the sealing wasn't something he had already planned? I mean Kushina had the Kyuubi sealed into her much after being a baby, just like Mito had sealed the Kyuubi inside her far after her childhood, so its obvious choosing a baby isn't necessary to seal the Kyuubi in... but it seem however the main difference is Naruto is able to tap into Kyuubi Chakra, where Kushina might not or might only very limited be able to do so, so its obvious Minato was already working on a new seal, one to use on Naruto when he was a baby, the timing just got screwed by Obito, but otherwise it was already all expected, I don't think its imaginable he just created the Shiki Fujin out of thin air in the very short duration between the release and the recapture of Kyuubi, it wouldn't make sense, so it was all already planned, thus their was a agenda beyond the sealing in Naruto which pretty much exclude the argument for 'sacrificing his child before any other', it wasn't he sacrificed his child first, its he had a plan involving his child and thus didn't want to chose another or seal it in a dying man to get rid of it. Yea Minato might not have been evil, but he had a agenda, that agenda involved the safety of Konoha and / or the accomplishment of the prophecy, hopefully not at the expense of his child, but it seem like he knew their was some serious risk he was willing to take to insure either or both goals, even if it harmed the child.
4/8/2013 c8 Lydia-Hood
*Choke* Captain Planet?! I could understand some Pseudo-Powers Rangers, but that one... is a bit unexpected, but not all in the good sense of it.
4/7/2013 c15 8hentai18ancilla
I quite agree! Your scene of this was marvelous!
4/7/2013 c14 hentai18ancilla
Best one-shot ever! Love this creative idea!
3/29/2013 c16 2Ageant
Pretty interesting sir. This would be a good one to continue thinks I. THINKS I. If a man were a fish, and a fish were a man. Then this would be an octopus. CALIMARI!
10/10/2012 c16 1lordamnesia
Damn, this could work out well. I'd love to see where you go with this!
9/22/2012 c14 Parrot Post
I love this idea with Lily being a ghoul. It was really well written as well. I didn't figure it out at all. I do wonder what happened to Dudley. From what I understand he is dead but still in control of his body and obeys Petunia. Vernon said he lost his wife not his son. Anyway, gret idea.
9/22/2012 c15 3Reishin Amara he has a checklist...or is he wiping out Uzumakis? Also...WTF?This is one story I actually DO NOT is shocking all things considered. Dont get me wrong,i love how you wrote it...but the content...he killed his own halfbrother that had NOTHING to do with it?wtf?
9/22/2012 c15 173Sweet Kagamine Kiss
Sick, sad, dark... I hate it too when I read such stories of this genre and they either are abandoned or never finished. I like it.
9/20/2012 c14 23Remzal Von Enili
hmmm accidental inferni or lily's soul protecting, killing, then posessing the dursleys?
9/20/2012 c3 Remzal Von Enili
...beetlejuice? seriously?
9/20/2012 c14 Preier
wow. lily potter-evans, i presume?

absolutely gripping short story.

beautiful touch with the sound of the keys used to shatter the veneer of normality.

thank you for sharing your stories
8/25/2012 c9 15NarutosBrat
I've got a profile if you want to write me back, but for some reason the review thing isn't acknowledging the fact that I'm signed in.

Anyway, I like this idea. There's also another way that you can take things. Rather than having the Kyuubi attack happen, have Madara not show up, and Naruto's birth go off without a hitch. Then, when Namida came along, there were complications with the seal, so they had to transfer the Kyuubi to her, since Naruto was too old already to be the vessel.
8/25/2012 c1 NarutosBrat
I enjoyed that immensely.
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