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6/28/2012 c13 173Sweet Kagamine Kiss
Interesting story collection, an the last one was... wow. :/
6/27/2012 c13 16HarbingerLady
Harry James Potter. Former Slytherin and now our Savior? Pg. 2-3

Despite Harry's assurances, Sirius was dismayed when his godson vanished after graduating from Hogwarts. Charlus and Dorea had both passed away before Harry's second year at Hogwarts and that had left a deep impact on the young boy. Sirius had been there for Harry as much as he could but even then the young Ravenclaw was becoming more and more distant from his family and everyone else.

So...Is Harry a Slytherin or Ravenclaw?
6/21/2012 c12 Chocoaguila
Excellent idea!
6/16/2012 c11 vikraal
Nice One! It got me thinking that this was in the post-second shinobi war and some Uchiha named Mikoto is taught by the sandime.

You seem to have forgotten the second Uzumaki that Karin brought?
6/9/2012 c10 3Reishin Amara
all the people doing the Lemon/violence/read the book petition...should really share ideas...

epic..loved this.
5/21/2012 c8 vikraal
I Lol'ed, Didn't expect that One, its Simply never done or I haven't seen one before...Until today.

My first guess was that it would be something from Marvel comics or some book I don't remember about.

Do they meet up with Gaia and get a never been seen before Jet/Hover craft?

I bet Orochimaru will build Captain Pollution after his first ass-kicking in which he wont be killed...
5/21/2012 c2 16IenaellaIris
I really like the idea behind this chapter, I really do.
6/29/2011 c5 26PuppetMaster55
This has to be one of the more original ideas for the Naruto fandom I've seen. Gotta admit, a dissonance between reality and fiction has to be one of the greater ideas to ever be thought of (kinda like Sucker Punch, I guess). Will you be getting around to actually writing this or is this just an idea thrown out there for someone else to pick up? (and if yes to the latter, has anyone actually done so?)
5/24/2011 c6 5Fox Boss
This definitely looks interesting, and it looks like it'd make a nice fic.
5/20/2011 c5 Colorful Mephistopheles
Alert n faved..

Naruto losing a grip on reality, I like this one that most..
5/20/2011 c2 3Reishin Amara
This is an awesome idea honestly. Though I think afterwords Naruto should admit sasuke is right about his class and stuff,however...he should also start stating in anger the reasons why...

not let into class

Genjutsus put over tests

Bad equipment

Never answered in class

Poisoned food

High Prices

Kicked out of most stores


u get the pretty sure naruto snapping infront of his class like that would change everyones outlook and raise tons of questions.
5/20/2011 c3 Reishin Amara
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